Small Furnish was built to offer small home owners a compilation of space saving furniture solutions.

The site is work-in-progress that aims to meet the growing demand for modular and compact furniture that fit in small spaces.

About Me

I'm a highly creative and a highly sensitive person. I split my time between work and family, enjoying freedom from the 9 to 5 work-world and the financial constraints that come with it.

During my youth I would've been voted "least likely to succeed" due to my peculiar nature, inability to hold down a stable job, social phobia and occasional bouts of depression. Seventeen years later and the exact opposite is true.

Besides working on Small Furnish, my goals are to produce movies, be in an indie music band, be an amazing missionary, get to Heaven and make God proud along the way. In between all that I may or may not write novels, get married and adopt children.

My Mission

To create a practical, no-nonsense guide on furnishing a small home. Rather than spending hours searching endlessly for space saving furniture and decorating advice, I want you to be able to find it here and have fun in the process.

What I Believe

You should be able to find tips with little to no effort. Furnishing and decorating a home, even if it's small, should be something you're excited about.

My Goal

I want to provide you with outside-of-the-box solutions, inventive and creative ideas. I want to connect you with as much information, as many resources possible, and a wealth of compact, modular furniture recommendations that will make your small space stand out and shine.

My Motto

"We're BIG on small!"

Join the Community

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me through my Contact page. Thanks for taking an interest in Small Furnish!
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