Air Conditions for Small Spaces

Families living in small homes are alway under threat of getting sick because of the weather and the rise and fall of temperatures. With children, the sick, and elderly around, there is a necessity to keep perfect temperature in such small space.

A standard small air conditioner with a 12,000 - 14,000 BTU capacity will cool between 400-500 sq. feet, so it's important to note that any space larger than that will need more than one air conditioner to cool your small space efficiently.

Consider that you will have to purchase an additional air conditioner per 400-500 additional foot of space. These three small air conditioners will meet your needs of function, space, and price.

Portable Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners for Small Spaces Not the smallest of space saving air conditioners, but can be moved around with minimal difficulty and does not need to be installed on the wall.

Portable air conditioners have the major advantage of having more features than your classic wall-mounted installation air conditioners. Simply place them in a room with a niche that has the most reach for maximum effectivity.

There are very few problems with this type of unit, and it is far easier to maintain.

Combo Heater & Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners for Small Spaces If you live in a small home or apartment that is frequently affected by shifting temperatures, and are strapped for cash, then it is a good choice to buy combo heater and air conditioner units.

This type of unit will help regulate heat and cool depending on your preference, and is very easy to control. Also, some particular brands are looking towards making their comb units equally space saving, affordable, eco-friendly, and power efficient.
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