Arts and Craft Furniture for Small Spaces

Finding the perfect arts and crafts furniture for your small space isn't impossible.

So, if you think that moving into a small home or apartment means the end of your enjoyment from doing crafts, think again.

You may not have an entire room to devote to your craft, but there will definitely be a corner of niche some place for you to set up your essentials. The key is concealment, reduction, mobility and portability.

Concealment allows you to hide visual clutter, reduction allows you to store a considerable amount of items in a small space through expandable options--items that double in size and reduce back down to size when you're finished with your work.

And lastly, mobility allows you to transport your arts and crafts furniture from room to room, so you can store it in a closet when you're done or simply work in one room and station it in another.

Portability is also an option, which means some arts and crafts furniture will allow you to take them with you. Outside of your home.

Ultimately, limited space need not interfere with your essential needs and priorities.


Arts and Crafts Furniture for Small Spaces Easels can hog up a lot of space but the wonderful news is there are a lot of options that offer that will nip that problem in the bud.

Making use of a room divider screen to close off your latest project, you can leave the small easel out to dry and out of sight from anyone that may drop by to visit.

Your oils or watercolors can be kept in a closed basket. Using a storage system such as this, a decorative basket can be left out as part of the decor and no one will be the wiser.

Sewing Workstations

Arts and Crafts Furniture for Small Spaces Nothing is more aggravating then being in the middle of a sewing project and having to put everything completely away because company is expected.

Again, use a folding screen to define your work area away from the rest of the room and it is ready whenever you have the time to work on it again.

When not in use, a small sewing workstation that folds up into a nicely made cabinet can be left out for all to view because most people would never guess that it is actually a sewing machine that lurks inside.

Or if your needs are basic and storage space isn't required, sewing tables work wonders too. Choose one that doubles in size and you've got twice the amount of space in half the size. For avid sewers cramped in tight quarters, things couldn't get much better than this.