Solutions on Banana Fruit Holders for Small Kitchen Spaces

Banana holders will offer you a convenient and easy way to store your bananas in or out of the refrigerator when until you're ready to snack on one to get your daily dose of potassium.

With a variety of banana holders available, you have a basic and simple selection to choose from for your small dining and kitchen space.

Banana Hooks and Hangers

Banana Hangers Banana hooks and hangers are great if you need a banana holder that takes up virtually no space to hold your bananas.

They conveniently save you counter space by mounting underneath your kitchen cabinet. Do away with any adhesive mounting option, they don't hold up under weight and soon after your bananas and the hook will drop to the counter.

Trade off with a set of screws. A quick installation of mounting the hook underneath your cabinet is all you need to be in business.

Get multiple hooks if have a large family or a large appetite for bananas and require more than one set of bananas at a time.

Hanging Fruits Baskets

Banana Hangers Hanging fruit baskets are the way to go if its ceiling space you'd like to take advantage of.

Mount one to your ceiling and you've got three baskets that will give you plenty of room for various choices of fruit.

Your bananas can sit comfortably in the center basket while tomatoes go below and apples or oranges go above.

Not to mention, this a visually appealing option that will contribute to your kitchen and dining decor.

Banana Savers

Banana Hangers Banana savers are the perfect option if you want something that will preserve your banana for as long as possible.

These are also wonderful portable solutions. They work great for traveling, hiking, bicycling and more.

The downside is that if you need multiple bananas in a protective container, you'll have to purchase multiple savers to do the trick.

The upside is these will easily allow you to store them inside the refrigerator without damage until you're ready to eat them.

Banana Stands

Banana Hangers Banana stands are your most basic version of a banana holder. Place one on your dining table or kitchen countertop and hang your bananas up and you're done.

Though they take up a tad bit more space than the other options, they are often the preferred method.

What's also ideal about these holders is if you choose the right one, they can easily contribute to your home decor.
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