Bars for Small Spaces

You can choose from several kinds of bars for small spaces if you want a way to serve drinks while entertaining guests in your home. These work well even if you do not have a lot of dining or kitchen space.

These bars are available in a variety of sizes from ones that fold away to others that mimic attractive pieces of furniture. Take a look at your options such as expandable folding bars, modular bars, bar carts, bar cabinets and corner bars

Wall-Mounted Bars

Bars for Small Spaces You say there is no room in your small home for a bar. Surely you jest! Wall-mounted bars are the perfect bars for small spaces and somehow you have managed to allow these fantastic designs in wall mounted bars to slip beyond your view.

Taking up a very minimal amount of space, these racks go a long way in enabling you a place where it is easy to mix and serve drinks.

Use your wall-mounted bar to hold your array of spirits, a nice supply of wine glasses by the stem and keep condiments and mixers close at hand. As long as you have a use for it, someone somewhere has met that need.

Wall-mounted bars should be kept at the ready for anyone who may happen to drop by. Large or small or something in between, a wall-mounted bar will more than suit your needs.

Within minutes of your guests arrival, you can become the most gracious host by serving up a sublime cocktail at their request.

Expandable Bars

Bars for Small Spaces Entertaining guests can be a lot of fun but when you are tight on space, it can be a big problem. However, with expandable folding bars, you can serve visitors without having to sacrifice dining space in between parties.

Expandable bars can fold and close when not in use and expand to over twice their size when you need to set up for a party, giving you double the storage and counter space.

The inside of an expandable bar is capable of holding an impressive amount of glasses with stemware hooks, bottles inside of wine racks and other bar items in drawers and on shelves. Needless to say, these are wonderful bars for small spaces.

Mini Bars

Bars for Small Spaces Mini bars are another option for nights when you entertain at home. Much like expandable bars, modular bars save a lot of valuable dining room or kitchen space when not in use.

These bars usually feature folding doors on each side as well as a raising and lowering counter space on top where you can hang stemware.

In addition, a lot of compact bars have a thermoelectric wine cooler in order to chill a variety of beverages.

These modular bars are great bars for small spaces and they are solid pieces of furniture that will look great in any setting.

Bar Carts

Bars for Small Spaces Bar carts are perfect bars for small space. Because these carts can be utilized for displaying and serving, they can save a lot of space.

These space saving bar carts are equipped with a handy tray on the top that is ideal for serving drinks. Because these pieces of furniture are so lightweight, they can easily be rolled from room to room, allowing for simple party hosting.

Inside the compact design of these console space saving bar carts are shelves that easily store stemware and liquor.

Most carts have a wine rack for holding a dozen or more wine bottles. When not in use, these small rolling bars act as perfect display tables for showing off vases and knickknacks.

Corner Bars

Bars for Small Spaces Corner bars are great bars for small spaces. These bars make the most of space in an area that lacks a lot of room by utilizing the often overlooked corner of a room.

Most of the corner bars on the market come in attractive, polished wood finishes and have a bottom wine rack cabinet that locks. On the top of these corner bars, there are usually several levels of shelving and stemware hangers.

If you are tight on space in your living room or dining area, corner bars are an excellent option to consider when standard choices are out of the question.

Bar Cabinets

Bars for Small Spaces One of the best things about bar cabinets is that they can be used for numerous purposes in virtually any room of the house.

Bar cabinets are typically four feet wide and can hold a lot inside, saving you tons of cabinet, counter, table and buffet space in your kitchen and dining room.

Just like all other armoires, bar cabinets open up with two doors on either side. Inside of a typical bar armoire, you will find a wine rack, hooks for hanging stemware, drawers for holding cocktail accessories and shelving that serves a multitude of purposes.

In addition, a lot of bar armoires have on/off light switches. These armoires save space and give you an attractive way to display your bar items.

Bar Stools & Chairs

Bars for Small Spaces Having seating room in your kitchen or dining room in the form of a bar will do little good if you have no place to sit. Because the bar is always higher than the average kitchen table, you will make use of bar stools for seating.

When they are not in use, the stools will slide under the bar leaving open floor space for people to move freely about. Great options to choose from include adjustable height, swivel bar stools, which will adjust to a specific height that makes you most comfortable.

Folding bar stools and chairs may also be of interest if you for some reason you prefer to stow your stools or chairs away after use.

However, whatever option you get, be certain to make sure it's the correct height since several heights exist, including bar-height, counter-height and dining table height.
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