Solutions on Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms

In a small bathroom, bathroom cabinets are highly sought after.

Actually, just about any bathroom can benefit from bathroom storage cabinets, but small bathrooms are in desperate need of storage solutions above all others.

You've got a generous selection to choose from, whether your bathroom is tight and cramped or moderately spacious.

Create order, store your items and know where everything is by implementing these simple but effective pieces of furniture.

Bathroom Cabinets or Bathroom Shelving: Which One's Right for You?

When it comes to choosing your bathroom storage cabinets, you have two options. You can opt for bathroom shelving or bathroom cabinets.

What's the difference? Well, typically shelving is built with metal and is missing doors and drawers. So everything put on the shelves remains visible to the eye.

With bathroom shelving, the goal is to expose and reveal and keep space open in a room. With bathroom cabinets, the goal is to hide and disguise. Keep everything looking neat, clean and flawless.

Not always, but frequently enough if your budget is smaller, bathroom shelving is often cheaper than cabinetry. Typically, prices are about half or a third less.

So if you're in desperate need of storage space but can't afford high priced options, substitute your desire to purchase cabinets with shelving instead.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms They're pretty self-explanatory. Over-the-toilet cabinets slip over the toilet. If you're in need of plenty of storage space and there are no hindrances built into the wall, these guys can do you a world of good.

They can save you a loads of space, because they utilize storage space by building upward--vertically, allowing you to organize and store many of your bathroom supplies in one space.

Many bathroom etageres also leave room on the top which will give you room to emphasize your bathroom decor with a silk plant or potentially even more items that need to be stowed away.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms Wall-mounted cabinets mount on the wall and have a very similar look and feel to over-the-toilet bathroom cabinets or shelving.

The big difference is that you can place them almost anywhere in the bathroom, not just over your toilet.

Slip your bathroom supplies inside, organize them according to what you use most in the front and what you use least in the back.

And if you're missing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, they can be dual-functioning and serve that purpose too.

Floor Storage

Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms You can go for shorter, wider floor cabinets in a small bathroom or tall, thinner options, often known as bathroom linen towers, depending on what works best for your small bathroom space. A third option is bathroom storage that's short and narrow.

If your bathroom is cramped and tiny then something tall like a linen tower that utilizes vertical space might serve you better and draw the eye upward, to make your bathroom appear larger than it is.

And of course items besides your typical linen supplies can be stowed away on the shelves. If you have a little more length to your bathroom, then of course something shorter and wider might serve you better.

If neither of those options work, then the narrow, shorter might should do the trick.

Anything narrow like the linen towers work well if you've got a free corner also. Tuck it snugly in the corner if you've run out of standard wall space.

Undersink Bathroom Organizers

Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms If supplies are taking over your bathroom, undersink organizers can work well with other bathroom storage options above. A few modest options include organizers on tracks that slide forward and backward like a drawer, for easy reach and simply organization.

These options resemble basic shelving with the only difference being that they go under your sink rather than out in the open.

Vertical shelving helps you utilize as much under-sink space as possible without compromising on much needed space elsewhere your bathroom.

The perfect answer to a cramped, narrow bathrooms that leave little room for storage and organization.
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