Battery-Operated Can Openers and Other Small Space Solutions

Choosing the right can opener for your home is relatively easy today. To do your best on selecting one that fits your lifestyle, you only have to consider a few things:

  • Do you have any physical impediments that could hinder you from effectively opening cans

  • How much storage or countertop space do you have

  • Does electricity play a role in the choice you make
You have three choices to choose from: manual, electric or automatic. Though the choices are limited, the diversity among all three will satisfy everyone.

Take care to avoid wall-mounted and under-cabinet can openers and focus solely on the three choices below since wall-mounted and under-cabinet can openers don't produce enough satisfied customers and it's a coin toss whether you'll win or lose if you set your sights on either option.

Electric Can Openers

Battery Operated Can Openers Even electric can openers today are slim and don't take up much space. But if you're the type of person that hates seeing an appliance sit on your countertop, just pick an easy-to-reach cabinet and store it inside.

Try to choose a cabinet that doesn't require you to bend, especially if you open cans regularly in your household. This will keep you from putting a lot of strain on your back or knees.

As it can quickly become taxing to bend over every time you need to get your can opener and eventually you may find the location of your can opener to be dysfunctional, because you're no longer willing to reach and get it and tend to avoid getting it unless absolutely necessary.

Manual Can Openers

Battery Operated Can Openers The one important thing that can be said and noted about manual can openers is they work even when the electricity is out or you have no access to electricity.

Additionally, manual can openers take up much less room than their electric counterparts. But the debate isn't whether you should choose one over the other, if you're truly conflicted about the situation.

There is really no need to choose at all. I always say that if you prefer electric can openers, just back yourself up by getting a manual one also.

That way in times of great need, you're not completely out of a can opener. The manual one is there for you when the electric one isn't. And if one happens to fizzle out, you have a second one to rely on.

The goal is just to get yourself an easy-grip option that will make opening a can as simple as possible. Today with the multitude of options available, it's nearly impossible not to find a can opener that doesn't have an easy-grip feature.

Can openers are much more advanced than they used to be and manufacturers are now even more aware than they were before that being able to open a can as easily as possible is a deal-breaker for most.

Automatic Can Openers

Battery Operated Can Openers Automatic can openers are the perfect hybrid between manual and electric can openers.

You get the space saving solution you get with manual, but without the strain on your hands. This is an ideal choice if you suffer from arthritis or a physical handicap that forces you to operate with one hand.

Like manual choices, they work when the electricity is out, because they operate on batteries. So it's your choice whether you opt to get a manual or automatic back-up if an electric can opener is the primary can opener in your household.

Instead, it's just as likely that you can grab yourself a surplus of batteries to take with you no matter where you are so that your can opener is always available to you when you need it.

These too, are compact and barely take up any room, so storing them is a cinch. Stow one away in a drawer and snatch it up when you need it.
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