Small Bookcases for Small Spaces

Bookcases for small spaces are a must-have. They have various purposes for people, and will prove extremely useful when in small homes.

Though most will scream sacrilege at the suggestion, bookcases can also be used as shelf storage for clothes, toys and other personal items you wish to display.

These bookcases for small spaces will be extremely useful if considered as storage for more than just books, depending on your specific needs.

Vertical Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Vertical bookcases build up and provide the ideal storage space for books in a small home. They're tall, narrow bookcases that can be placed in just about any tight space in a room.

You'll find that they're ideal in homes in need of an alternative to bulkier, wider options.

You can place these space saver bookcases in just about any room in the home and they'll look great and provide ample storage for a wide collection of books.

One room living spaces such as studio apartments will benefit greatly from these space savers. Also consider placing them in the living room by the sofa or in a bedroom next to your bed.

It's no question that these vertical towers are perfect bookcases for small spaces, so wherever you place, you're certain to love the results.

Wall-Mounted Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Wall-mounted bookcases are ideal bookcases for just about any small home. They free up floor space and provide a generous about of space for storing books. Mount your wall-mounted bookcase on just about any wall and begin placing your favorite books on top.

Opt for more than one if your needs are considerable or pair them up with a vertical or corner bookcase.

To jazz it up, add a decorative trophy, family photo or knickknack on top as a finishing touch. Wall-mounted bookcases are not only functional but they're also beautifying to any home.

Corner Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Corner bookcases are the way to go when a standard wall space is no longer available and basic bookcases won't do.

These narrow bookcases are wonderful bookcases for small spaces. They fit snugly in a corner and generally make use of vertical space. And since they build up rather than out, they can easily fit into tight narrow corners without much trouble.

Additional items may also be added to your corner bookcase for clutter clearing purposes as well as decor. Add media-related items such as CDs and DVDs as well as files and other office supplies. Top it off with a few items that will add a personal touch to create a seamless look.

However, this also provides a good level of ranking for your storage, with the most important files at the top and less current files at the bottom.

Ladder Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Ladder bookcases or shelving are an older product that is seeing a rebirth in popularity. As home size seems to be shrinking, the homeowner has to think of ways to co-exist with all the items they do not wish to give up because storage is limited.

Available in both different widths and height, there should be no problem locating the exact size that you need. As the shelves lose depth as they climb upward, these units can be used for a number of items.

It goes without saying that the lower wider shelves are the best place for books or any item that has extra weight. Other than that, the sky is the limit.

These are ideal bookcases for small spaces. They can be placed in front of a window and make a charming spot for displaying potted plants. Place one in the living room for magazines, along with CDs and DVDs. One in the closet could hold shoes and purses.

Another in the bathroom is a great place to hold clean towels and other toiletries just make certain the bookcase can withstand humidity.

Display treasured photographs and special knickknacks. I think by now you have the right idea. In any room, for any reason, the ladder bookcase is a great idea for storage in a small living space.

Folding Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Folding bookcases are perfect for college students, library fanatics and other scenarios in which a bookcase is required for sporadic situations in which you may come by a large amount of books at one time and have a dry spell at another.

They also work well if you tend to move furniture around frequently.

They are sturdy but lightweight and can be moved easily when needed without withstanding structural damage. Needless to say, they're perfect bookcases for small spaces and work wonderfully in truly cramped quarters.

This will work great in dorms, mini libraries, corners, and in mobile homes. Stow them away in a closet or under a bed when they're not in use and pull them back out when you're ready to use them again.

If possible, it's also a good idea to assign a spot for your bookcase so that when you do happen to need it, where you plan to place it will be clear.

Carousel Bookcases

Bookcases for Small Spaces Carousel bookcases are perfect bookcases for small spaces. They provide space, shelving and mild entertainment. Quickly you come to find that rotating bookshelves provide potentially the largest number of shelving for books among the many choices available.

And not only that they manage to do it while saving a large amount of space in the process.

The rotating bookshelf can accommodate various books of different sizes with simple ease.

Utilize the bookcases simple revolving mechanism by the corner of a room or enjoy a 360 degree access if placed near the center of a room. Since some carousel bookcases tend to take advantage of vertical space, you may wish to place the heavier books on the bottom to ensure the structure's integrity.

However, if the bookcase is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of weight regardless of where the books are placed, opt for place the most used books at reachable height and the least used books at the top of the bookcase.

This will reduce excessive bending and you won't be required grab a step stool whenever you need to reach for one of your favorite books.

Bookcase Headboards

Bookcases for Small Spaces Mention a bookcase headboard and most people will immediately conjure up thoughts of heavy, bulky and over-sized items. They wouldn't necessarily be wrong because they can be found in this size.

Here the emphasis is on saving space while reducing the problem of storage in a smaller living area. Always keep in mind that for the apartment, condo, and small home resident, you can have the same items but they should be scaled down to work well within the room that you have.

The wood may not be as thick and dense and the storage pockets may not be as deep. Still, there is plenty of room for a lamp, clock, or telephone with personal items placed behind sliding doors.

In a child's room they make an excellent place to store the many items that have become their favorites. A teddy bear can sit perched on one side and that favorite bedtime story is always at hand.

Clearly these are wonderful bookcases for small spaces. Downsized to fit in a small bedroom, bookcase headboards can be purchased both in double or twin size.
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