Chairs for Small Spaces - Tips and Solutions

Chairs for small spaces are a must-have. No matter how small a home is, a bachelor or family will need chairs for various situations.

The chairs below are picked for the purpose of saving space, as well providing functionality to your room.

Choose from armless chairs, corner options and wooden-framed choices as a part of your space saving approach toward decorating.

Also, remember when you shop for chairs for small spaces, an important feature to look out for is high legs. High-legged chairs not only look great in small spaces but they also keep space open in a room, allowing the eye to travel above and below the chair without visual interference.


Recliners are even being downsized. At one time, they would never be considered a suitable option for the small home.
High Legged Recliners for Small Spaces
High Legged Recliners
Compact Recliners for Small Spaces
Compact Recliners
Euro Recliners for Small Spaces
Euro Recliners
But now that they carry a lot of new features that are perfect for the small home goer. There are three great space saving recliners on the market that you can choose from.

You have the... The high-legged recliners are self-explanatory. They offer more negative space beneath the chair and allow the eyes to flow evenly throughout the room without obstruction. Compact recliners are simply recliners that are small in size, but still greatly resemble your basic recliner.

Lastly you have the Euro recliner which will be the most visually different choice of the three. Euro recliners have adjustable backs and can be swiveled horizontally at a full 380 degrees.

Many of them are also paired with their own ottomans (rather than pop-up leg rests), and go perfectly with modern, retro, or rustic designs.

However, keep in mind that in spite of the fact that you can choose something small, sometimes something larger is not a bad thing. A few large pieces of furniture in a home may look better than a variety of small pieces. So, find the size best scaled to your home, decorating needs and taste.

Rocking Chairs

 Chairs for Small Spaces Rocking chairs have been a staple to the home for generations. The goal is to choose an accent rocking chair with simple lines and a basic wooden frame. This will easily keep space open in a room.

Rockers have a soothing affect on the body that everyone enjoys. Now it has been proven that the rocking chair can actually have medical benefits.

People who have arthritis are said to have better flexibility than those who do not take advantage of a chair that rocks.

Studies have proven that children who suffer from ADHD can actually show more focus and concentration after being allowed to rock.

People who suffer from chronic back pain can find relief because the act of rocking will strengthen the muscles of the back and add to the flexibility of the spine. And you thought it was just a chair.

Accent Chairs

 Chairs for Small Spaces Accent chairs are great chairs for small spaces. They are very popular for their simple, yet straightforward design, giving the illusion of more space in a small room.

Accent chairs can also be paired with folding ottomans that be easily stowed away when not in use to save on space.

These tend to be the slimmest choice of all options and they can be bought in pairs to provide symmetry.

Very good for people who like to read or take naps when sitting down with seats high enough to give extra storage space underneath.

Armless Chairs

 Chairs for Small Spaces Armless chairs are surprisingly comfortable despite their lack of arms to rest your limbs on. They tend to provide more seating space by forfeiting the arms. They also tend to aid in keeping the space open in a room, thereby making a room feel considerably larger.

It's no question that accent chairs are wonderful chairs for small spaces. These chairs can be placed around a coffee table in a living room and are usually light enough to be moved around by an average adult.

You can choose to pair armless chairs with an ottoman for more comfort or it can stand as a solo fixture or in a group with other furniture.

If you do buy more than one and suddenly need a creative way to save space, line them up side-by-side and form a makeshift couch. Generally you'll find that their sturdy, non-slip legs will take care of the rest.

Swivel Chairs

 Chairs for Small Spaces Swivel chairs are not as new as some people may think. They've found their place in the work environment for quite some time.

The office chair is one that has wheels, swivels from side-to-side, and allows the occupant to move about freely without leaving the confines of the chair.

The wheels were taken off, the basic styling of the office chair was improved upon and the swivel chair became part of the home. Turning from side-to-side is a cinch and to add to the fun, some swivel chairs will also rock.

Opt for a round swivel chair if you can. Round swivel chairs can give the appearance of more space in a room with their fluid curves. This will allow the eye to flow seamlessly through a room. Place them in a corner or anywhere in your home for a dramatic effect.

Corner Chairs

 Chairs for Small Spaces Corner chair are perfect for homes in which you need to maximize space.

This will allow you to forego a standard chair in favor of a chair that will work well in a small corner space. Ultimately, that makes these ideal chairs for small spaces.

Keep in mind that although corner chairs are built specifically for corners, they can be placed anywhere in a room to create a dramatic effect and break up the monotony. You'll quickly find out that corner chairs work wonders in a small home.
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