3 Reasons Why Small Modern Homes Need Clear Console Tables

Minimalistic homes ache for clear acrylic and glass console tables that provide the same function as standard console tables but without the overbearing visual weight often encumbered.

Clear console tables aren't diminished in size but diminished in appearance. They give you a full-sized table without the visual weight often accompanied with many other console tables.

Rather than reduce the size of the table, the visibility is reduced so that visual space is saved and your home can appear open and spacious as opposed to cluttered and closed in.

Clear Console Tables Reduce Most Visual Weight

Clear Glass Console Tables Clear console tables are made of glass or acrylic. They're fantastic if you want decorative surrounding items to be the focal point. Decorative items on top, above and below the table "show off" while the table hides in the background.

Items almost appear to be floating in mid-air, if seen at a certain angle or distance.

If showing off area rugs without visual obstruction is important here, then completely clear console tables or clear-leg console tables (below) are ideal.

Although it's likely that you may prefer a transparent option, "translucent" tables are also a great choice.

Tinted console tables as opposed to completely transparent choices could work well in your small home if you want some visual weight to your table, but nothing quite as visually heavy as standard opaque options.

Glass-Top Console Tables Reduce Top Visual Weight

Glass-Top Console Tables Glass-top console tables come in two varieties. The top of the table can be completely glass or part of the table can be glass, usually encased in metal framing.

These tables work wonders if you want less visual weight at the top of the table and more below or if you simply prefer a minimalistic choice that adds a touch of class.

Options encased in metal framing often work really well in modern and contemporary homes in need of a light, elegant touch.

Tiered choices also exist by giving you more shelving space. This creates more visual weight, but can still keep space open enough to avoid a cluttered look while allowing you to shift the focus to the items put on display.

Glass-Leg Console Tables Reduce Bottom Visual Weight

Glass Leg Console Tables Glass-leg console tables are great if you want visual weight in the upper half of the table, but not the lower half.

This option opens up space along the floor and, depending on the angle and distance, it can appear to be floating along the wall. Think wall-mounted solutions.

This can help you shift attention to the top of the table and create a spacious, uncluttered look below. You can keep it completely weight-free or balance out the visual weight with more items by adding stacked books, large figures, and other decorative collectables underneath the console table.
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