Closets for Small Spaces

Closets for small spaces—there are various creative solutions available that will allow you to create your own closet space if your room does not actually have a closet.

You can also create additional closet space or provide temporary closet space for guest rooms.

I've provided a small but useful list of space-efficient choices as well as a few creative ideas to get you going. And once you've checked out your options, ultimately, making a choice should be relatively simple.

Closet Systems

Closets for Small Spaces A closet is simply a recessed wall. Generally closet systems are purchased specifically for closets, but no one said that's how it's got to be.

Since a closet is nothing other than a recessed wall, there's nothing stopping you from mounting a closet system on any wall.

If you don't have a closet in your room, simply pick a wall and assign a specific area on that wall to be your closet space.

Since closet systems can be a considerable size, it might be practical to accept that half or more than 2/3 of the wall might be dedicated to "closet" space. Closet systems are wonderful closets for small spaces so don't overlook them simply because they might be a little unconventional.

Garment Racks

Closets for Small Spaces Garments racks are racks that provide you with a substantial amount of hanging space.

They tend to be the preferred choice due to their affordability and mobile features which allow you to relocate them from one room to another.

Although the main function of a garment rack is to provide hanging space for clothes, you will find a substantial amount of garments rack that provide additional storage space for shoes or similar items.

Wall-mounted garment racks also exist if you prefer tomimic the style of a standard closet without too much fuss. Just make sure the one you get can support the weight you plan to put on it. If one will not hold all of your clothes, plan to purchase two and hang one garment rack beneath the other. You can even assign your shirts to the top one and pants to the bottom one.

If larger sized garment racks mentioned above aren't an option for you, you can get really creative and purchase several small garment racks and mount these "mini closets" throughout your home in various locations.

You can combine over-the-door options with wall-mounted options and place some hangers over several doors in your home and mount some hangers to walls in other spots in your home.

This may not be the most visually-friendly option but it's a practical solution if you're really limited on space.


Closets for Small Spaces Wardrobes can provide a neat, clean and clutter-free look and feel. Your main goal with these small space closets is that you'll need to choose which one suits you best.

There are two options, the canvas wardrobe, which is more or less a garment rack with a canvas cover or a standard wooden wardrobe.

The canvas wardrobe is budget-friendly and lighter in weight. It's often mobile, which means it can be moved from room to room. Heavier wardrobes are often made of wood, which makes them sturdier, but they aren't easily moved once they're put together.

However, the benefit with the more expensive wardrobes is look and feel. They're essentially easier on the eyes and some also come with drawers which will allow you to do away with your dresser and store additional clothing in the drawers of the armoire instead.

To offset that plus, canvas-style wardrobes tend to also provide additional compartments for shoes and clothing. So budget and look and feel will be the deciding factor. Both choices make great closets for small spaces so choosing will be your biggest battle.
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