Solutions on Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Finding dining tables for small spaces isn't always easy, especially if you're not sure about all the choices available to you. So we've come up with a few ideas.

Consider wall-mounted dining tables, folding dining tables, drop-leaf dining table and more.

Those are just some of the dining tables on the market. And with every choice available, choosing can become even more difficult.

So let's begin by defining the different types of dining tables on the market and how each small home can benefit from them. You'll find that this makes deciding on the right dining table for your small home that much easier.

Wall-Mounted Dining Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Although obvious, what makes wall-mounted dining tables so important is the ability to save you floor space.

They are the best choice if you want an almost non-existent solution.

Since they generally fold in and out and don't intrude upon necessary surrounding space, this option is most ideal in small places where there is no actual dining area. For example, dorm rooms, studio apartments, lofts or single rooms.

Folding Dining Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Folding tables are portable dining tables for small spaces. They're simply dining tables that can be folded flat and stowed away when not in use.

TV trays are also considered among this group and may come in handy in a home in which a group of smaller sized tables are preferred in place of one large folding dining table.

You'll find that folding dining tables are mainly ideal in homes, such as lofts and studios.

Small places that work well are homes that may not have a dining room or may not have room to station a dining table permanently in which creating temporary dining space is an idea solution.

Drop-Leaf Dining Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Drop-leaf kitchen tables are a notch down from folding tables since they fold, but don't fold flat and aren't generally stowed away. This compact option tends to seat 2-4 people comfortably.

When the leaves are folded down, the table seats 2 comfortably and when extended, each extendable leaf provides dining space for an additional person.

It's no question that drop-leaf kitchen tables are great dining tables for small spaces. They're ideal for homes with small dining rooms that can't afford much space but are in need of an extendable option that can be stationed in compact form and extend to something larger when dinner time arrives. It's suitable for small places, such as studios, two-bedroom apartments and more.

Gateleg Dining Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Gateleg dining tables are similar to standard drop-leaf tables but differ based on the base of the table and how small they reduce down to size.

Typically they have two drop leaves on each side and legs that swing in and out "like a gate" to serve as support for the leaves.

They drop down from large to extremely small tables, and in some cases, they can be used as small display tables when mealtime is not in session. They're suitable for small homes that can station a table permanently but not at its full size.

Bar Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Bar tables include space saving bars and breakfast bars which work well if you need a narrow table to fit snugly against the wall or elsewhere.

These tables are perfect dining tables for small spaces and also offer you a chic way to divide up space and create your own eating area in a studio apartment or loft.

Since many bar tables allow you to tuck the stools underneath, they often save additional floor space in a home. These type of tables will generally seat up to 2 people. However, in some cases they may seat up to 4 people if there's a drop-leaf option included.

Pub Tables

Dining Tables for Small Spaces Pub tables are compact dining tables that can seat two comfortably. You're almost guaranteed something small if you seek out pub tables, bistro tables and cafe tables.

However, height is a factor here. With many of these tables, you'll end up with tables that are bar height or counter height rather than dining table height.

Generally, bar height tables are around 10" taller than your average dining table and counter height tables are around 1-4" taller. So you may have to compromise on height in order to save space if any of the above mentioned tables catch your interest.

However, there is one easy work-around. Choose an adjustable-height pub table which, in many cases, can raise and lower from bar height to dining table height.

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