Solutions for Dryers for Small Spaces

Dryers for small spaces. Some people might trying to fit a dryer in a small space is impossible, but it's not.

There's no question that for a person or family living in a small home, drying becomes a difficult issue simply because of a lack of space to hang clothes.

Although using a dryer to dry your clothes isn't a necessity, sometimes it is a convenient and quicker option than air drying.

You might opt to go to a Laundromat, but if you need to save on cash and time, then these small space dryers are a great choice. They are picked specifically with small homes in mind and include various functions for simplicity and convenience.

Compact Dryers

Dryers for Small Spaces Compact dryers are a popular choice among small home dwellers in need of an option that's similar to a standard dryer, but smaller in size.

Although these dryers fit well in small spaces, be prepared to sacrifice a little extra time to do more loads of laundry due to the condensed capacity level.

Not only that, compact dryers tend to operate on a lower wattage, so expect that drying clothes will also take longer.

If you can deal with those two cons (which aren't really all that bad), then a compact dryer might be just what you're looking for. And an additional plus is that many of them include a wall-mountable kit so that you can mount them on your wall.

Wall-Mounted Dryers

Dryers for Small Spaces Think a tumble dryer is too big and air drying is too slow? Then, wall-mounted dryers are a great solution.

They're the answer when you're looking for a space saving alternative that can dry a few articles of light to heavy clothing at a time.

Now, it's clear that air drying has its advantages, but when you don't want to air dry everything, wall-mounted dryers are the ideal go-between solution.

You can place a wall-mounted dryer just about anywhere there's a wall and a nearby outlet.

These work great in studio apartments, college dorms, vacation homes, RV's, boats and other locations where a standard tumble dryer is not easily accessible. Saying they are great dryers for small spaces is an understatement.

Spin Dryers

Dryers for Small Spaces Spin dryers are a great semi-drying solution.

You'll find that although spin dryers don't completely dry your clothes, they do remove a lot of water from them, which in turn only leaves them slightly damp.

After they have been spun dry, to complete the drying process, simply hang them up to let them air dry for a few hours or place them directly in a tumble dryer for an immediate drying solution.

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Looking for other solutions? Drying racks and garment racks can also be used as a green and cost-effective way to dry your clothes. These two options also tend to preserve clothing longer since (tumble) dryers wear clothes down faster than air drying methods.

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