Indoor Clothes Drying Racks for Small Laundry Room Spaces

Drying racks for small spaces are your best bet when you want to air dry your clothes.

Not everything can be thrown into a tumble dryer. Many items are simply too delicate to withstand that kind of treatment.

And sometimes you simply don't have access to a clothes dryer and therefore need to rely on drying racks to take care of your small space laundry needs.

Regardless of whether you don't have a dryer or just don't want to expose your clothing to that kind of intense heat, a drying rack could be the answer to all of your laundry day woes.

Folding Drying Racks

Drying Racks for Small Spaces Folding drying racks can be especially nice when space is at a minimum. They're greatest feature is mentioned right in the name.

These drying racks offer the space you need for clothing when in use, but they fold neatly away when they're not needed.

Look for one that is made from good quality wood and it will last for a long times to come—saving you the expense of replacing it every few years. No doubt these are wonderful drying racks for small spaces.

Portable Drying Racks

Drying Racks for Small Spaces Again, the name implies the importance of portable drying racks. Its portability is one feature that makes it the first choice for many shoppers.

If you try it in one space and you are not happy with the location, simply move the unit and try it out in another space.

Portable drying racks are either freestanding or they can be hung over the back of a door which makes them wonderful drying racks for small spaces.

Obviously, the freestanding unit will hold a larger number of items, but you may only want one to use as a drying method for your delicate hand washables.

Durable and requiring no extra care, these units can be used repeatedly over a long period of time and will never break down at the worst possible time like electric clothes dryers are known to do.

Wall-Mounted Drying Racks

Drying Racks for Small Spaces Wall-mounted drying racks are one simple solution to your clothes drying dilemma when space is slim and needs are big.

Make use of wall space available and save on floor space to air dry your clothes indoors.

Pull out on the wall-mountable drying rack when needed and retract it when you're done. This allow you the best of both worlds, a much needed drying rack and something that's virtually non-existent when laundry time is over.

Consider purchasing two or more and disperse them around your home in various places if you tend to have a surplus of clothing.

Ceiling Drying Racks

Drying Racks for Small Spaces Ceiling drying racks are a favorite in laundry room drying racks. They are simple to install and allow a maximum of clothes drying in a minimum of space.

These racks or bars are suspended from the ceiling at a height where they will not interfere with movement when not in use.

The circulation of air around the clothes when hung from hangers allows for quick and easy drying of all sorts of garments.

Mounting these in your bathroom above your tub is a good idea, especially if your clothes will be drip-drying.

Tension Pole Drying Racks

Drying Racks for Small Spaces Tension pole drying racks offer another form of functionality.

Place it in whatever room you want, this handy helper is the perfect choice when all other options aren't right for you.

These are a semi-stationary choice, allowing you to place them where you want in your home and designate a perfect location for performing laundry duties.

And should you ever get tired or decide to do laundry elsewhere in your home they break down in seconds and can be place elsewhere. Or if you no longer wish to use one, they can be easily stowed away.

If an all purpose laundry room drying rack is what you are looking for, you may find no reason to look any further.

Alternative Solutions

Don't forget that you already an air dryer built in your bathroom--your shower curtain rod. Hang clothes with a little space between them to allow for as much ventilation as possible.

Take each item down as it dries to allow the items that haven't finished drying more room between them, to speed things up.

Another great way to speed up the drying process is to use a pedestal floor fan, put it on high and aim it at your clothes. This will cut down on the drying process by one-third or one-half.
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