Exercise and Fitness Solutions for Small Spaces

Small homes require small space exercise equipment. Space saving exercise equipment that's compact, folds, or travels with you is the ideal solution when you need to stay physically fit, but can't afford to use up too much floor space to accomplish your task.

These options can often be stowed away in a closet or stored under your bed. A variety of options exist, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and more.

Aerobic Step

Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Have you ever walked up a flight of stairs? Well, aerobic steps are just like stair climbing, except you step in place.

Do 20, 30 minutes or even an hour of aerobic step and you'll get some serious cardio in. It's a great option if you like a simple workout. It's also a wonderful option if you're overweight and you need a space-friendly method to drop the pounds.

Start small and build up endurance. Though it won't target the upper body, you may be able to incorporate different types of exercise routines to get a full body regimen going.

Neighbors below shouldn't be bothered by your workout routine if you keep it simple.

Add ankle weights to increase your workout challenge. Store these just about anymore--under the bed, on a shelf, in a closet. Light and easy to carry with you when you're on the go.


Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Treadmills will do the trick for both apartments and other small spaces. Although neighbors below may hear the machine running, workouts last such a short duration throughout the day, you likely won't cause any issues.

Running will likely be a big no, no if you live on the top floor if you want to remain respectful to the people below you.

Ankle weights will also up the challenge for treadmill walking.

To keep space open, many compact treadmills can be folded and easily stored under your bed or in a closet when not in use.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

If you enjoy sitting while you work out and still want to get a good work out in, exercise bikes are a great choice.

They're easy on the knees, especially if you opt for a recumbent version and they're the perfect exercise solution if you tend to have a slightly lazy streak and want to get your exercise in in a simple, but effective way without standing.

It doesn't mean this option isn't just as effective as others, but how you exercise may depend on mood and it's common that some days you won't be in the mood for something that requires a great deal of energy.

Bikes work on top and bottom floor apartments nicely. Neighbors may hear some minor bicycling but shouldn't be bothered by it. Fold these up to really save on space.

Elliptical Trainers

Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Want a no-impact full body workout? Compact elliptical trainers are the way to go.

Great cardio that gives all the major muscles in your body a challenge. What could be better if you like a simple solution for working out your whole body without having to worry about doing much else?

It's the simple solution for a simple person. No fuss, no muss. Just hop on it and get your 30 minute to an hour workout in. Can't do that? Start small and work your way up until 60 minutes is a cinch.

Resistance Band Sets

Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

When you need a gym on the go, look to resistance bands. They are an amazing gym that you can take virtually anywhere.

You can also choose to hook these on your door and exercise every major and minor muscle group.

You can also choose to hook these on your door and exercise every major and minor muscle group. Target problem areas in your body and when it's time to travel out of town, don't worry, because your gym goes where you go.

Great budget-friendly, space-friendly solution you can store just about anywhere. Resistance bands work great if you can't afford weights. The trade-off is in the tension used when you're doing your reps.

Fabulous addition when you're working out with other pieces of equipment that don't target your entire body. Grab the resistance bands and begin working on muscle groups that were missed during your cardio session.

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