Expandable Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

Expandable coffee tables are the perfect answer for small space living rooms in need of a creative solution for entertaining guests.

They solve a big space problem by providing extra surface space for games and snacks for friends and family members who stop by on the spur of the moment.

The great thing about these coffee tables is they offer the same benefits as larger sized coffee tables do but they easily reduce back down to a smaller size when you need them in their compact form again.

Nested Extendable Coffee Tables

You can get a extendable coffee table that can hide the extra tabletop space until needed and then virtually double in size when the occasion calls for it.

A minimalist design ensures that many people won't even know that the coffee table you have has an extendable bottom shelf that will accommodate guests and family members when the standard coffee table space isn't measuring up.

The bottom wheels allow the lower shelf to roll out effortlessly to create the much needed surface space you're looking for. Perfect for smaller homes that need clever coffee tables that defy convention, get a little creative and think outside the box.

Expandable Flip-Top Coffee Tables

Pull out the expandable coffee table when you're ready to cater to a larger party than self.

Leaves open up and double the size of the surface space. Works perfectly if guests come over and extra coffee table space is needed. These tables are also heaven-sent and work wonders as game tables for family members and guests alike.

Break out that large 1000 piece puzzle and start putting it together, the expanding table can definitely handle it.

Compact Extendable Coffee Tables

A compact coffee table that extends with a minimilist design is just what you need in your small living room.

This cute little cube coffee table hides the extra leaf that extends and creates twice the space. Perfect for game night and homes in need of additional space when entertaining guests drop by for a little bit of fun.

Acts perfectly as an accent table or even an end table if you like to get a little inventive.

Modern Expandable Cofee Tables

If you're looking for a modern extendable coffee table that will work well with your contemporary decor, then this piece of furniture may be a perfect fit.

This stylistic extending coffee table literally doubles in size, opening up to reveal hidden storage space where you can stow your items away and keep your home clutter free.

It works well in small abodes seeking a minimalist approach, creating the essential space needed in a small living room. When you're done, slide the coffee table back to it's smaller, rightful size.

Nesting Expandable Coffee Tables

How about an extendable coffee table that almost doubles in size and reduces to a smaller size when needed?

This little gem works great with sectional sofas or with families who like to sit down together during snack time and watch a movie.

Place food on top and when you run out of room exercise it's double-duty feature by pulling out the extendable table beneath, to provide more surface space.

This expanding coffee table also works wonders when small parties require you to have additional space to make guests happy.

Flip-Top Expandable Coffee Tables

If your home is really small and you need an tiny extendable coffee table to go with it, then a flip-top cocktail table will do the trick.

Open up the leaves to double the size of the coffee table. Works perfectly when you want minimal space taken up but need something that will give you that extra edge to accommodate snacks and drinks.

Make use of its additional ability to act as an end table. For small spaces, this coffee table is the perfect answer.
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