File Cabinets for Small Spaces

When you live in a small home and have to create office space, living space and sleeping space all in one small room, finding the perfect space saving solution can be overwhelming, but if you think creatively and step outside of the box, you'll begin to recognize that you can do a lot with various pieces of furniture by simply making use of an item that looks very similar to something else and swapping them out.

In this case file cabinets can do just that. File cabinets can perform double duty, not to mention if you choose the right option, it can camouflage itself as bedroom furniture, living room furniture or even entryway furniture. It's all about seeing things in a brand new way.

Lateral File Cabinets

File Cabinets for Small Spaces Lateral file cabinets provide ample storage space for your files but take up a considerable amount of room. The space saving advantages here are when you make use of the file cabinet in other rooms.

Place it in a bedroom or living room and it can perform double duty and as a decorative console table, entryway table, TV stand or dresser. By using it this way, you're able to recoup used space.

If you plan to use the file cabinet in a bedroom, it best to go with a wooden option so it can mirror the look and feel of a dresser. However, if you go for this approach it begs that you'll need to create actual dresser space in another in another form or fashion.

Typically, one way to recoup dresser space is if you're using a daybed with built-in storage or you're able to make use of a closet system that will let you store all of your clothing there, thereby eliminating the need for a dresser.

If you plan to use the file cabinet in a small office, you can recoup on used space by using it as a printer stand, a bookshelf and potentially as a lamp stand to create additional office lighting.

Mobile File Cabinets

File Cabinets for Small Spaces Offering you the ability to relocate your file cabinet just about anywhere, mobile file cabinets are the epitome of small office spaces. You can opt to pull your file cabinet up next to you in any area of your office which can be very convenient if you're moving around a lot and need mobility to access files.

Then when you're done, if you want to hide your file cabinet away from prying eyes, slip it into a closet where no one can see it until you're ready to make use of it again.

If you want it out in the open, it can double as a rolling printer stand, which is just as handy when you need a flexible way to access your printer wherever you are in your office.

Vertical File Cabinets

File Cabinets for Small Spaces Vertical file cabinets provide very similar advantages as lateral file cabinets but they take up much half the amount of space by building upward.

What makes them very advantageous is if you use a wooden vertical file cabinet, like lateral options, they can perform double duty in non-office spaces and mask themselves as end tables or even bedside tables.

Taller ones mimic chests of drawers and in some cases it's very hard to tell the difference between the two.

Of course, it's not surprising when I say these work wonders in bedrooms and living rooms because of their ability to blend in with the furniture assigned to each room and potentially fool unsuspecting onlookers.

File Carts

File Cabinets for Small Spaces If you just want a simple way to stow away files and looks don't matter, file carts are a cheap, flexible way to do it. Much like mobile file cabinets, you can roll them to any location in your small office and access them with ease.

The similarities end when you recognize it can't perform double duty as a printer stand. But it can be rolled away from prying eyes when not in use.

In fact, you may prefer to store it behind closed doors so that others can't have easy access to your files and because it's not exactly eye candy.

However, reaching and finding the appropriate files is made easy by since you're able access files at just about any angle.

File Boxes

File Cabinets for Small Spaces If you don't have a huge selection of files and don't mind the grunt work of stowing your files away in a box under your bed, in a closet or on a shelf, then one of the cheapast and easiest options to take care of your file storage needs is a file box.

As your needs grow, you can purchase more and stack one or top of the other in an area where they will be out of sight and out of mind.

File boxes are also transitional filing options, which means if you run out of file space at any time and can no longer use your current file cabinet, you can use file boxes in addition to your file cabinet until you're ready to upgrade to something larger.

They also work if you just happen to like a variety of file storage options and one option is too limiting for you.

File Ottomans

File Cabinets for Small Spaces File ottomans give you a new way to store your files. They save space by performing double duty.

This little handy dandy ottoman file cabinet works seamlessly in non-office areas where additional seating is a must and multi-functional items are key. Guests will never know.

Place your files inside and then use the ottoman to provide extra seating for guests. Or station it in front of your chair, prop your feet up, kick back and relax. Movie watching at its best.
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