Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments

So many TV stands exist on the market today that it's easy to exclude more interesting options like small space fireplace TV stands, which can do double-duty and offer you a fireplace and TV stand combined into one.

Different fireplace TV stands offer different benefits but one feature that may make a substantial difference regarding which one you choose is where the fireplace is placed in the TV stand.

If you have a preference for centrally placed fireplaces, then of course, a fireplace located on the left or right will be quickly dismissed. Read on for other pros and cons worth considering.

Standard Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments With your basic fireplace TV stand you have a nice selection to choose from. Lower, wider models work well with larger TVs and generally offer ample storage space for media equipment and more.

The fireplace in these models are centrally located, providing you with plenty of storage on each side of the fireplace.

Taller models tend to save on more floor space because they build upward, but the trade-off is extra storage space, so although you're saving on floor space, you lose out on functional space for storing items that are oftentimes the culprits behind causing clutter in small spaces.

So if your needs are simple, a taller version may do, but if you like the added benefit of assigning other items a location and function within your TV stand, something lower and wider with more storage space tends to work best.

Corner Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments Corner fireplace TV stands are one great way to really maximize space when all you have left is a corner or if you're faced with a difficult layout in your home and you have to position your sofa at an angle, among a few other possibilities.

As usual, the goal here is that you're getting the same item but saving on extra wall and floor space by utilizing a corner.

With corner options, although they're made specifically for corners, it's not unusual or impossible to place one along a flat wall, should you decide to change things up a bit later.

Knowing this will give you more flexibility. The goal with these options, like standard fireplace TV stands, is to combine two needs into one and provide you with additional storage space for your media equipment and sometimes even extra space beyond that, which will further help you save valuable space in your small home.

Lift-Top Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments Lift-top fireplace TV stands are an ideal option if you want both the benefit of having a TV stand and a fireplace but with features that allow you to hide the TV away when you want your fireplace TV stand to simply look like a fireplace only.

The downside is that typically lift-top TV stands only offer two functions--acting as a TV stand and fireplace. You completely lose out on much needed storage space.

You can, of course store decorative or functional items on top, but be certain to remember to remove them before activating the lift-top, otherwise you may break a few items in your home.

So, like all other options, you can save space by combining both a fireplace and TV stand together into one compact solution, but no additional benefits exist beyond those two functions.

Modular Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments Actual space saved isn't always the most important benefit in small homes, sometimes you just want an option that's conservative on visual space.

If you like the wide-open concept in which everything is revealed in order to create transparency in your home so that it's light, bright or airy, modular fireplaces are the way to go.

Items that are stored in the fireplace simply add to your current decor.

This set-up really works well in homes in which you own a lot of visually stunning items, such as books with vibrant colors that attract the eye, knickknacks or beautiful family photos that will stun your guests.

Use it as a focal point for plants, flowers or whatever else your imagination can conjure up.

Modern Fireplace TV Stands

Fireplace TV Stands for Small Apartments Modern fireplace TV stands that make a statement are few and far in between, but the ones that are available are well worth paying attention to.

These items tend to work well in small homes because they keep it simple and are created with a very simple look and feel, much like minimalistic options. In fact, many minimalistic options come from modern designed furniture.

With modern furniture straight lines and lots of transparency are a common theme, which means no visual clutter. They also provide a great deal of storage space for your media equipment and other media-related items as well as items that go beyond that.

They work great in homes that aim to provide elegant but bold statements in a small space. With modern fireplace TV stands, your advantages are abundant.
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