Small Fireplaces for Small Spaces

Small fireplaces can help the smallest of dwellings exude the comfort and warmth that every home needs.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a cup of hot cocoa while sitting in front of the hearth on a cold winter's day.

Add this feature to your small home from the various styles offered and you will never be sorry for having made the investment.

Fireplace Entertainment Centers

Fireplaces for Small Spaces Like so many other items, fireplaces for small spaces can be purchased to do double duty. Fireplace entertainment centers do exactly that.

These small fireplaces give you the warmth of a real fireplace while providing space to store all of your media equipment.

In addition it will double as a spot for your Plasma television that can be hidden away behind decorative doors.

And besides the standard option, you can also get a corner entertainment fireplace stand which might help you save additional space.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Fireplaces for Small Spaces Due to the fact that many fireplaces can take up a lot of room, a wall mounted fireplace is most compact.

Designed to be hung on the wall, these units are the perfect choice in small fireplaces. Use them in the living room, bedroom, guestroom, or anywhere that you desire.

Efficiency has been improved along with safety features. These small fireplaces can be directly wired or simply plugged into any 220 outlet.

If you happen to be renting, the best feature would be the fact that you can take it with you when you move. Within a few minutes a cool room can be transformed into a Mecca of comfort.

Electric Stoves

Fireplaces for Small Spaces Fireplaces for small spaces are not generally found in condos, townhouses, or apartments. The electric stove is designed in appearance to resemble a real fireplace. Their portability allows the owner to move them from room to room with no difficulty at all.

Renters, in particular, are enamored with the electric stove because it can go with them when they move. Sizes and styles abound and can be had in any design to fit your present decor.

Another great feature is their cost efficiency. Ward off the chill with the use of electric stoves and have none of the work of cleaning up ashes and soot.

Convertible Fireplaces

Fireplaces for Small Spaces Convertible fireplaces are dual-functioning fireplaces that can convert into corner fireplaces and fit snugly in a corner or act as standard fireplaces, which can be stationed against a flat wall.

When space is minimum, the corner fitting feature truly stands out. Just imagine what the ambiance of a fireplace will add to your room.

Artificial logs are used to give the appearance of a real wood burning unit. The addition of a fire screen will give your convertible or corner fireplace the finishing touch while adding another element of safety.
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