Folding Pets Stairs for Dogs and Other Space Saving Alternatives

Small pet stairs--that's what you need if your dog is too small, too young, too sick or too old to weather the storm of jumping or climbing into high unreachable places.

Pet stairs for small spaces can help you minimize the energy your dog is expending trying to do activities that aren't easy for him.

That's why I decided to list several of these space saving pet stairs that I've come across that I thought would work wonderfully in small homes.

In this discussion, I opted to only list the ones that were hidden options that could be either reduced in size, folded away or used as a cheap portable solution.

Folding Pets Stairs and Ramps

Folding Pet Stairs Folding Pet Stairs and Ramps offer you a convertible solution that can hold small and large dogs alike. These small pet stairs easily serve more than one need and can fold flat and be stored under a bed or in a closet.

They transform from stairs to a ramp and work well for several reasons. The first and most important being that you don't need to purchase two separate pieces: a ramp and stairs.

You have one handy items includes both functions.

Another is that you can use them to assist the dog based on the necessary condition at the time of use. If you need stairs for one situation, you'll have stairs. If you need a ramp for another, you've got that too.

Depending on the life span of the dog, and the durability of the item, you may find that they will also last throughout the dog's youth--when he's too young or too small to reach certain heights when he's older and arthritis takes hold.

At that age his joints may no longer be able to handle what they were capable of handling in his adult years and the small pet stairs could be a godsend.

Portable Pet Stairs

Folding Pet Stairs Portable Pet Steps are a terrific option when you're looking for something simple and disposable.

These small pet stairs are for irregular use around your home or for when you're on the go and you need a lightweight set of stairs to take with you while you're traveling.

Portable pet steps work great for cats and dogs 25 lbs. or less. Any weight beyond that would likely crush the portable steps and render them useless.

Take these small pet steps with you wherever you need to go, use them as long as they'll last and when their life cycle ends, toss them in the trash.

A hassle-free solution for the small home dweller who likes to travel light.
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