Freestanding Pet Gates and Other Small Space Solutions

Finding great small space pet gates can be the biggest obstacle to owning a pet. That and trying to figure out where to keep them when you have to be away from home.

Most people will work for at least part of the week or have errands and other duties that will take them away from an few minutes to an entire day.

Here are a few gates that will keep your pet happy and make your job easier when you can't be there to watch over them.

Folding Pet Gates

Freestanding Pet Gates Folding gates are an excellent choice if you wish to keep your pet contained. They actually have two uses: you can either keep your animal in or out of certain areas of the home.

You'll likely want to confine there pets to an area where they can do the least damage if they should happen to have a bit of separation anxiety while you are away. Indoor gates can be purchased to fit any size doorway.

They need no special attachments due to the fact that they expand like an accordion and have a lever that works to place them snugly within any opening.

The best part of these is that when you are home, they can be folded up take a minimum of space and they can be completely hidden from view should guests arrive.

Pet Gate Crates

Freestanding Pet Gates Pet gate crates are two options rolled into one. You get a pet gate and you get a pet crate. They're perfect if you want to keep an area of your home off limits and when you want to confine your dog to a specific space. This can be an ideal solution when an unexpected guest drops by and you want to keep your pet away from other people.

Other options include when you leave. You may wish to have a place where your pet will be safe from getting free. Being away at work or during the night hours it is impossible to watch over your pet. Crating them offers all the benefits you need.

Just purchase one large enough for the size of pet that you own.

Once trained to the gate crate, it is a simple matter of telling your pet to hop in, and you can leave home without a care in the world.

Expandable Pet Gates

Freestanding Pet Gates Expandable gates are the ideal answer to those openings that are just too big for any standard gate. Even in the small home, the opening between two rooms may be an arch rather than a single door.

Many expandable gates allow you to purchase additional panels so that you can use as many as you need to keep your pet confined to the area where you want it to be.

Expandable gates work wonderfully when you want a permanent options that you can use any time you like to block your pet off from a certain area in your home.

They can even be arranged to kennel your part in a certain portion of a room allowing a wall to serve as one side of the homemade kennel.

Extra Tall Pet Gates

Freestanding Pet Gates Your pet may be a climber or a jumper and the standard height gate simply will not do. A larger or more active animal will jump out the minute the door closes behind you.

Purchasing one of additional height will keep your animal from scaling the barrier.

Being extra tall takes nothing away from the features of a regular height gate. Extra tall gates can be stowed away just as easily as the shorter ones and can be used in multiple places throughout the home.

As cute as they are, we have all seen pictures of pets looking adorable while sitting amongst the mess they have made while chewing the stuffing out of a pillow or even something worse.

Leave your pet with its bed and ample food and water for the day and you will arrive home to the best welcome you ever had.
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