Solutions on Furniture for Small Dining Rooms

In many small habitats, there is no distinct dining room but rather it is an area that is integrated within the kitchen.

It can be at the end of a galley kitchen or the layout may resemble an "L" shape with the dining area at the shortest end.

How you go about furnishing the entire area will lend itself to a more open dining room concept.

Dining & Bar Tables

Furniture for Small Dining Rooms Dining room tables have to be chosen based on the amount of room there is to accommodate it. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a separate room that you can designate as the dining area, size will play a significant role.

If your room is a mere 6 by 8 feet, you certainly would not want to purchase a table that seats 12 people and comes with captain's chairs.

If you wish to seat more than two people, look into a drop leaf or an accordion table. Both will take up very little room when they are closed up but can easily be altered to add at least two more diners.

If your home does not have a dining room, the table you purchase will have to fit into whatever space is designated for the table. A small square table can easily seat four people by using a corner to install bench seating on two sides, and using chairs on the other two sides.

Just remember that whatever situation you are dealing with, there is a solution.

Buffets & Sideboards

Small Sideboards When you are putting on a meal with a large number of dishes, small tables simply aren't large enough to hold them all. This is where buffets and sideboards come in very handy.

You may be wondering how you can fit a sideboard into a small eating area, but it is actually quite easy when it is mounted on the wall. Placed in conjunction of the table's location, dishes can be passed around the table with ease.

Servers usually come in the style of rolling carts that serve the same purpose as the sideboard. Making a choice between the two is purely a matter of taste and which one the homemaker sees as the most beneficial.

Wine Racks

Furniture for Small Dining Rooms Whether the dining room is set off by itself or part of the kitchen you can make good use of a wine rack. Most small wine racks will hold anywhere from four to six bottles of wine. They can be constructed of metal or wood and will look equally nice in both the kitchen and the dining room.

In the dining room they can be placed on a sideboard or hang from a decorative shelf. When space is really at a premium, purchase a rack that also has storage for wine glasses and you will free up much needed space for other items.

This same style also comes in a unit that can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Small home designers have considered every imaginable style and size when it comes to the ever popular wine rack.


Bars for Small Spaces If you are expecting guests and wish to serve cocktails, you can set up a bar quickly and easily. A small shelved unit on wheels is the absolute best answer. The bottom most shelves can hold the bottles of spirits and the serving glasses, while the top shelf is set up to prepare the drinks.

Ice buckets are a must and get one that comes with tongs if you can. A jigger will also be needed for measuring the amount of alcohol that is put into each drink. A jigger holds exactly one shot of alcohol which is the amount called for with most drinks.

Many of the most desired drinks will require shaking and prepping them, which means you will also need a shaker. You may also want to have lemon and lime on hand as well as cherries, onions, and olives.

China Cabinets & Curios

Small China Cabinets China cabinets may seem to some to be a waste of space but in the well appointed small kitchen they serve a useful purpose.

These cabinets are styled to save space rather than waste by the way they are designed. More narrow, but taller, than the typical china cabinet, they hold just as many items as their larger counterparts but in their own unique way.

Some models fit snugly into an empty corner, and take up space that would otherwise remain unused. Most often there is a drawer or two to hold your silverware along with all the pieces in your china set.

These units also leave you with quite a bit of room, extending the amount of storage space you have in your home.

Baker's Racks

Small Bakers Racks Baker's racks are one of the nicest additions to have in the small kitchen. These racks are made to hold a large number of pots and pans.

It not only gives your kitchen the appeal of a restaurant kitchen but the item you need is quickly at hand.

Just imagine the amount of cupboard space there is to be saved for other items when one of these racks is placed overhead.

Choose from various options, including wall-mounted baker's racks, corner baker's racks and baker's kitchen carts.