Space Saving Furniture for Small Offices

The home office is definitely a boon in regard to any number of things.

The single mother with children below school age, the entrepreneur that is just getting his or her business established and those with such a tight budget there is no extra funds for renting office space.

Working out of the home is cost effective for reasons that are quite obvious with a large savings on all utilities.

One thing the home office often lacks is space, but with a bit of planning and ingenuity, even those obstacles can be overcome.

Office Desks

Furniture for Small Offices Office desks should be able to serve many purposes. It is the hub around which your business will be run. There is a large array to choose from and even the small ones offer a number of amenities. The keyboard, if you have one, slides into the unit freeing up desktop space.

At least one drawer is added to keep the days client folders at hand. The desks made entirely of glass are a fantastic addition to the small home office because it gives the illusion of space that is not really there.

Add extra pieces to the unit that extend upward along the wall and you will be pleasantly surprised how many things you can place in a home office.


Furniture for Small Offices Bookcases can be the salvation of most small offices. In days past a bookcase consisted of a series of shelves but that is no longer the case.

Today you will find them with a variety of different sized openings that can be put to good use for any number of things.

They can be used for holding client files, computer programs, leaflets and almost anything that pertains to the business you will be operating.

Depths will vary but even at the deepest they will use up a minimum of floor space.

File Cabinets

Furniture for Small Offices File cabinets are not often thought of as versatile pieces of furniture. However, choosing the right file cabinet can make all the difference between blending it in with your current decor and masking it as other pieces of furniture.

It can mask itself as a TV stand, end table, bedside table or entryway table.

File cabinets will work well in most rooms if you plan ahead, select appropriately and treat it as a multi-functional piece of furniture. Do it right and many guests won't realize your file cabinet is a file cabinet at all.