Solutions on Small Garment Racks for Small Spaces

Small garment racks can be an excellent alternative to large closets, dressers or clothes drying racks.

Especially when you have a lot of clothes to hang up, racks are the ideal solution for you.

Traditionally, they have been used to store clothes in retail shops, but they can be used in homes easily as well.

They can be very useful in a laundry area where you can hang them up and air dry wet clothes that have just been washed. They also make great coat racks or as said above, they're a wonderful option to use as an extra closet.

Rolling Garment Racks

Small Garment Racks You can use rolling garment racks to hang comforters, blankets and quilts to dry.

They are very practical because you can roll them to any location throughout your home in order to accomplish your tasks or you can simply station them in a basement and use them as additional closet space in order to store clothes, shoes and other items you won't be using often.

Many people do not have enough space for all season clothes, so the need for extra hanging space is a requirement. Rolling garment racks allow you that much needed additional hanging space without cluttering up your home.

Folding Garment Racks

Small Garment Racks Folding garment racks have the same advantages as rolling racks, but with an extra benefit: they can be folded and stored, allowing you to use them only when you need them.

Use as a temporary coat closet when guests come and place it back in storage when they're gone. They are solid, versatile and collapsible, giving you the option to use them when needed, without occupying any space otherwise.

Place them under your bed, in a closet or in your laundry room so that they will be ready and available when you need them. Open them up and start hanging your wet or dry clothes.

Wall-Mounted Garment Racks

Small Garment Racks Wall mounted garment racks or garment hangers are designed to be mounted on the walls or back of a door. Most of them can fold down so that they barely take up any additional space from the wall.

And they can be mounted on a wall to serve as a space-efficient location for you to dry close in your laundry room or as a coat closet for temporary guest that drop by.

These small garment racks can also provide a convenient place for scarves, ties and sweaters without occupying valuable floor space.

They are also ideal for guestrooms or bedrooms since they can easily serve as space saving closet space.

Over-the-Door Garment Racks

Small Garment Racks The over-the-door garment racks are a great way of making use of otherwise useless space.

They are quite advantageous for small spaces, or for houses with many small rooms that cannot afford larger closets, rolling racks or wall-mounted solutions.

These small garment racks provide ample hanging space and can be even more practical when hosting guests and friends for the night. Use them as temporary or permanent closet space, coat racks or drying racks for wet laundry.

Purchase more than one and disperse them throughout your home if one does not provide enough space.
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