Guide to Kid's Seating Furniture for Small Spaces

Children's furniture has made its way into the limelight and shows no indication of disappearing anytime soon.

Greatly enjoyed by smaller members of our household they are beneficial in a vast number of ways.

Proportioned for the little ones in our family, these pieces promote good posture and eliminate the possibility of a nasty fall from adult-sized units.

Kid's Rocking Chairs

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces Rocking chairs are one of the most enjoyed by children. Maybe this stems from the years of rocking they enjoyed while curled up in a parents lap. The motion alone will instill calm and quiet and often find them nodding off to sleep.

These chairs are available in rocker only or rocker reclining pieces. Parents will love the locking mechanism that prevents these models from dropping into a reclining position and goes a long way in offering safety for your young one.

Sized to suit the very young and up to a child weighing 100 pounds, they will last for a good many years. Whether you choose a themed model such as Disney's Mickey Mouse or a standard piece that will compliment any decor, they are always a welcome addition in the home.

Made with the utmost in comfort, your youngster will enjoy reading, watching their favorite program on TV, or falling off into dreamland while in the recliner position.

Kid's Gliders

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces Perhaps the nicest piece of furniture you can spend your hard earned money on is the glider. Placed in baby's room, kid's gliders offer comfort not only for the child but the parent as well.

The smooth motion of the chair keeps both the child and the parent in a relaxed state. Feeding time was never so enjoyable with your feet up and baby nestled securely in your arms.

As they grow, the addition of a built-in side pocket allows for the perfect place to store the most loved story books.

Whether it is nap time or simply sharing special time with your toddler, these gliders will enable you to recall many loving memories spent with your child.

Kid's Recliners

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces There is nothing a child likes more than to emulate the actions of their parents and child-sized recliners fit the bill. Just like mommy and daddy's favorite chair, a child can seat themselves beside their parent and give them insight into what it is like to be all grown up.

They are functional for just about any space within the home and their miniature status takes up a minimum of space. Perfectly proportioned to accommodate children from toddler to any child below 90 pounds, these recliners can take any punishment a child can give them.

The absence of a recliner handle is done on purpose to eliminate the chance of injury. A gentle push against the chairs back will result in it moving into the reclining position. The added cupholder is a great bonus to keep drinks safely in check.

Kid's Toy Box Benches

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces This delightful toy box bench is perfect for placement in her Royal Highness's boudoir. She may someday become a queen but for now we need a place to store the Princess's many playthings. Teaching the idea of keeping things put away can begin too soon.

As soon as your little one has learned to walk, they should be praised for picking up their toys and placing them where they belong. This particular storage unit is made for an older child, but the lesson remains the same.

Adorned with a pillow top over the bench lid, this area is the perfect spot for sitting to read a book. This is just one piece in a line of many made specifically for children and all of them are geared to reduce the workload of parents and teaching a child to do things for themselves.

Kid's Folding Chairs

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces The idea of allowing a child access to a folding chair, regardless of size, can bring forth the fear of many accidents occurring when the chair folds up on the child. These child sized chairs have removed that fear by making a chair that locks securely when in the open position.

They are small enough to be left out in the most cramped quarters, but if you chose they can be folded up and placed in any space where you have an extra four inches of space.

The vinyl seat adds comfort and there is absolutely no assembly acquired with these units. They are sold in units of two so you can have one for another child in the home, or the occasional visiting playmate. Preschools love them for the many uses they provide including meal time, art, and crafts, or that inevitable time out chair.

Kid's Sectional Sofas

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces A child's sectional sofa can be set up just about anywhere. The pieces can be interchanged to alter the look of the sofa but nothing can take away from its comfort and durability.

Depending on your family size, a sectional sofa unit will easily accommodate four to six children at one time. Parents and preschool teachers will love the easy cleanup afforded by the vinyl that looks very much like leather.

Grab a pillow as a headrest and it becomes the perfect place for taking a nap. Games, books, and television were never as much fun as they are when seated on these adorable and long wearing sectionals.

Kid's Modular Seating

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces If you are unsure of how you will be able to fit in children's sized furnishings, modular seating systems may be just what the doctor ordered. If room allows, they can be placed together, or the pieces can be separated and placed where room is sufficient.

It really makes little difference because together or apart, each piece is has extra padding for added comfort. It is great for spending time with friends or settling down for a nap.

Kid's Bean Bags

Kids Seating Furniture for Small Spaces Oh, what would life be without the bean bag? An excellent choice for the small space inhabitant, a bean bag is available in many different sizes and colors and can be used anywhere in they home with ease.

Children in particular are drawn to them not for just the seating but for the fun as well. They will withstand jumping, rolling, and all types of enthusiastic children.

If the beads should lose their resiliency, just add a few more and the bean bag is once again ready for a child's play. From the small child to the adult, bean bags are a top choice, for when not in use they can just be piled into a corner where they will take up very little room.
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