Hair Dryer Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Sick of sifting through hair tools to find your hair dryer or tired of the cords getting tangled together when you need to blow dry your hair?

Hair dryer storage can provide a world of relief and create order in an other frustrating situation.

There are a selection of different options available on the market, which gives you more than enough leeway to choose the perfect option to suit your needs.

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer Holders

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions Wall-mounted hair dryer holders are the perfect option when space is tight and you need to access unused wall space to keep things neat and tidy.

Install the organizer, place your hair dryer inside and you're done. Access it whenever you want, day or night.

Make life much simpler without having to worry about where you left it and creating a tangle-free cord environment with all of your other hair tools.

Over-the Cabinet Hair Dryer Holders

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions When you don't want to mount your hair dryer holder on the wall, how about placing it over-the-cabinet door in your bathroom?

Slips out of sight and out of mind and requires no installation. It's a simple and effective way to save space in tight, cramped bathroom quarters.

Mind you, this does take up a bit of under-cabinet space, so be sure to leave some leeway when you organize other items in your bathroom cabinet, so that you have room to close the cabinet door without interference.

Bathroom Hair Dryer Caddies

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions Bathroom caddies are available in the form of countertop caddies and over-the-cabinet caddies.

Generally these caddies will hold more than just one item, thereby saving you even more space and frustration regarding where to put your hair tools and how to keep them in order.

Organize your hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron in one place and within easy reach, either on top of the counter or hidden away behind closed doors within your bathroom cabinet.

Clamp on Hair Dryer of Flat Iron Holders

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions Need something that will clamp on a counter or shelf in your bathroom? Or how about outside of your bathroom? Try clamp-on hair dryers or flat iron holders.

These allow you to store your hair dryer in your bathroom or anywhere you see fit around your home.

This can be a big lifesaver if your bathroom is small or you've run our of storage space and you need to create other organized areas where you can access your hair supplies.

Towel Bar Hair Dryer Holders

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions If other hair dryer holders aren't right for you, a towel bar hair dryer holder may work wonders. Or perhaps you have more than one hair dryer and want to use various holders or organizers in or out of your bathroom?

A towel bar hair dryer holder simply lays over your towel bar, slip the hairdryer in and voila, instant hair dryer storage space.

This is a perfect solution if you do your hair in the bathroom and your towel bar is right next to the sink or over the sink. It makes for an easily accessible area.
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