Jewelry Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Looking for jewelry storage solutions? That's completely understandable.

The truth is, I have yet to meet a woman that didn't have at least a minimal interest in jewelry. It is as much of a fashion statement as the clothes a person wears.

Here you will find a number of jewelry storage solutions that will help you keep your jewelry stored while taking up very little space if you happen to live in a small home.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are reminiscent of days gone by when grandmothers referred to them as their make-up case. These 'miniature trunks' come resplendent with antique brass corners and locks.

These jewelry boxes afford a bit of whimsy to your design scheme and take up so little space on a dresser, bureau, or nightstand.

If your career makes you a frequent flyer this little space saving gem is ready to go at a moments notice. If you are not big on jewelry, there are any numbers of small items that can be stored inside.

This is one space saver that can accompany you wherever you go.

Jewelry Hangers

When all else fails and you've simply run out of room for jewelry storage, you just may want to take advantage of jewelry hangers.

Someone was ingenious enough to adapt the same principle behind a shoe holder to work for storing all your baubles and beads.

Jewelry hangers can provide the jewelry storage solutions that you need while taking up literally no room at all because it hangs out of the way inside of your closet.

They will hold just about anything you wish to put in them.

If sewing is your forte, use some of the pockets for storing spools of thread. The pockets are just the right size for bars of soap and other bathroom necessities.

Hang one in a coat closet and tuck away gloves or scarves, possibly even the car keys. As living quarters get smaller, the innovative ideas only get bigger. Excelling in both convenience and design, jewelry hangers are sure to be an instant hit.

Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizers

Looking for jewelry storage solutions that won't get in the way? Over-the-door storage can provide a valuable need for people looking for ways to save precious space.

Over-the-door jewelry organizers have shown themselves to be a great helpmates in this quest.

Spend a little time thinking outside the box and over the door jewelry organizers are also the perfect solution for hanging handbags or scarves. The man of the house can have a place to put his ties and belts.

Many individuals will come up with different uses for this item that can easily store so much more than jewelry. Let your creative juices flow and find multiple uses for your over-the-door jewelry organizer.

Jewelry Mirror Organizers

Mirror jewelry armoires are an excellent choice when it comes to fitting well within tight spaces.

Choose an option that will hang over a door or mount on a wall. These are particularly useful in homes that simply do not have any extra floor space.

You may find that a bit difficult to believe, but there are dwellings that leave little room for decorating. Again, any door can be used including bedroom, bathroom and closet doors.

Jewelry armoires are also fronted with a full length mirror so that you can get a full view of any ensemble that you happen to be wearing.

These styles will hold a rather large amount of jewelry but no one said that is all it can hold. The secret to living in small quarters is having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place.

So, mirror jewelry armoires are a fabulous choice when you're looking for dual-functioning jewelry storage solutions that will hide clutter and also operate as a mirror.

However, remember if you can't fill them up with jewelry, think of all the little things you own that would be at home there. Car keys, coins, safety pins, spare buttons are just a few items that will fit nicely in these armoires.

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizers

If your jewelry collection does not require an abundance of room, take a look at the wall-mounted jewelry organizers.

Again, someone has gone to the trouble of laying out these designs to hold the most jewelry in the least amount of room.

They will require less than half the space taken up by a full length armoire. In many cases, there are a number of different styles to choose that will allow you to choose one that will fit your decor and offer ease of use and placement.

If your wall is tight on space, wall-mounted jewelry organizers can offer you great jewelry storage solutions and save you an abundance of space.

Jewelry Stands

How well you have honed your organizational skills will make a small home seem larger. Making use of the vast number of space saving items available today has made the task much simpler.

Jewelry stands are absolutely one of the most ingenious ideas ever.

They come in all shapes and sizes and take up literally no room on your dresser top. The bases are small and most of them depict the shape of a person or thing in silhouette form.

Although their main intention is to hold jewelry, they can do double-duty as valets for things like keys and loose change. Regardless of the shape they take their purpose is to give your jewelry or whatnots a home. No more looking all over the apartment for a misplaced item.

Made of durable material, these types of stands can be placed anywhere you need them for keeping those little things in place.

Jewelry Armoires

If you happen to be lacking in furniture and want a piece that will add warmth and fashion to your decor you may want to look at a jewelry armoire.

However, keep in mind when choosing one it's best to opt for one with high legs in order to keep space open in your small room.

Although jewelry armoires take up more space than previous options mentioned, they offer a wealth of jewelry storage solutions that will take care of all of your needs.

These chests are made to hold a myriad of jewelry and if you don't have enough to fill them up, think of all the little items that you can find a home for here.

Nothing can make small living quarters look even smaller than a pile of clutter left all over every imaginable surface.

Car keys, cell phones, and pens and pencils, are among the number of smaller things that can be put out of the way in this unit. Again, there is no hard and fast rule that this stylish piece of furniture has to be placed in the bedroom.

Use your imagination and think of any number of places where a jewelry armoire can be put to good use.
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