Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces

There's no doubt that small space make-up vanities are a must-have for tiny bedrooms short on space.

Although the marketplace could put forth more effort to expand upon the options available to consumers, surprisingly there are several choices that work really well in homes where extra space isn't something you can take for granted.

From tabletop, to over-the-door, to wall-mounted versions, you're likely to find exactly what you need to create the ideal dressing table solution for your small bedroom space or another area that you assign this function to in your home.

So, let's go over the choices available to you so that you can decide which one will best meet your needs.

Vanity Tables

Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces The simpler the vanity, the greater the sacrifice you make in terms of storage space. Metal vanity tables are often the choice you make when you want to come as close to a disappearing act as possible.

Simple lines and glass tops help reflect the room and take the attention off of the vanity table itself.

The eye is tricked into believing there's more space in your room than there actually is.

But be forewarned, with these small vanities although they come with shelving and some storage capabilities the compromise you make is that nothing is hidden from the eye.

It's all out in the open. So, these simple dressing tables are great if you don't mind paying particular attention to the arrangement of the items you decide to store on the vanity--you may also want to be extra conscientious of how the items you place on top and inside the vanity look.

Beautification is key.

Over-the-Door Vanity Tables

Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces If space is really tight, then an over-the-door vanity table can be a major lifesaver. Store and organize all of your make-up inside a compact organizer that can mount on just about any door in your home. Then, save even more space with the dual-functioning mirror attached.

An over-the-door dressing table makes for a simple flexible option that allows you to save on a tremendous amount of space since you dressing table never requires you to keep additional pieces of furniture stationed permanentaly in front of it.

Grab a dining room chair and take a seat. Doll yourself up and then place the chair back where it belongs. However, if you don't have a spare chaire floating around the house, get yourself a folding chair or folding storage ottoman to use any time you like. The good news is that both will fold flat and stow away easily in a closet, under a bed or behind a sofa.

What could be a better option for tight spaces than a hidden organizer that hangs on a door?

Modular Vanity Tables

Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces A dual-purpose modular vanity table will save you a world of space in a small home.

The perfect office enthusiast will find this to be a godsend, because what could be better than a make-up vanity that also acts as a space saving desk? With the flip of a mirror, you've got a vanity-table-cum-desk that you can use in either form any time you like.

Tuck all of your make-up and cosmetic essentials away inside and no one will be the wiser.

Pair your modular dressing table with it with a nice (folding) storage ottoman or chair and you've got a really compact solution that meets two needs in one.

The perfect choice for the tiny home in need of space-conservative solutions.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Tables

Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces Wall-mounted vanity tables will always and forever been one of the best space saving solutions available.

When floor space is tight, a wall-mounted solution will come to your rescue. Wall-based make-up vanities save actual space and give the illusion of space saved.

Simply pull up a chair, put your make up on and place the chair back in it's rightful place. If you want to use something really temporary, you can aim for a folding chair.

Placed in the right location in a room, the table can also act as a writing desk, laptop desk or bedside table when it's not being used as a dressing table. The drop-down mirror easily tucks away, unsuspecting to onlookers.

Pair it with a storage ottoman and you can store additional cosmetic items inside the ottoman to create the perfect space-friendly solution.

Tabletop Vanity Sets

Make-up Vanities for Small Spaces When you need something that will really cut down on space but serve the same purpose as larger vanity table options, tabletop vanity sets are one of the best alternative solutions in the marketplace.

Compact, portable, light. Three things that make it easy to carry with you inside and outside of the home. Carry your vanity table solution from one room to the next or take it with you on an out-of-town trip with family.

Place your make-up inside and access it when you're ready to get started. When you're done, stow it away in a convenient location.

The flexibility of this solution gives you endless possibilities to assign just about any space you like as your dressing table. Switch it up from day-to-day if you don't like being confined to one specific room.

Who would expect such diverse possibilities from such a budget-friendly option?
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