Solutions on Mirrors for Small Spaces

Mirrors for small spaces are great if you fancy mirrors and need to open up space in a small home. When properly placed, they can bounce light all around the room.

They often give an illusion of space that is not really there and make a room appear larger than it actually is.

Not only are they useful, but pretty to look at as well.

Where to Find Great Mirrors Locally

Although some mirrors may need to be purchased online since they will be difficult to find locally, two great places that I often purchase nice basic mirrors are Hobby Lobby and Big Lots. It doesn't hurt to also drop by Marshalls and look in their home decor section.

Hobby Lobby offers a vast supply that you can choose from and often enough if you go to their website, they have a 40% off discount coupon which will allow you to walk into their store weekly, choose from many of the items they have in stock and get a 40% discount on the item you want to buy.

For a high priced mirror, this can really make a difference and you can get something of much higher quality for the same price or less than you can for a lower quality item you find online.

Floor Mirrors

Mirrors for Small Spaces Floor mirrors are basic mirrors for small spaces. Regardless of how tall or short you are these mirrors offer a full view of the person using it.

They add a sense of style to every room you opt to place them in. Lean them against a wall or place them in the corner of your room.

You will want to be sure you look your best for a client interview or a busy day at work. Used throughout the home, floor mirrors add charm and beauty along with the illusion of additional space.

Jewelry Mirror Armoires

Mirrors for Small Spaces So you have a lot of jewelry and little space to keep it in. A jewelry mirror armoire that can hang over your door or mount on your wall will quickly put an end to the twisted chains and necklaces.

What looks to be no more than a mirror is a jewelry holding system like none you have owned before. If your bedroom is small it will take a minimum of your coveted space.

Once again, you have a piece of furniture that is truly made as a solution for those living in a small apartment or studio.

It would take an awful lot of jewelry to fill this item so make use of the extra room and hang some small belts or slip a scarf or two over one of the hooks. Who can say no to something so nice to look at but so very useful too? These mirror for small spaces are a godsend.

Wall-Mounted Mirrors

Mirrors for Small Spaces With the high cost of electricity and fuel, many people are foregoing the large home in favor of the small one since they are much cheaper on energy.

Even apartments and condos are getting smaller.

In light of this, people are looking for ways to place items they want that will require no additional floor space. Enter the wall-mounted mirror. From the entryway to the bedroom or bath, these wall mirrors can be placed with ease.

The vast number of styles allows the homeowner the perfect accent for their present decor. Oval, round, square, or oblong, whatever you desire to fit your needs is available.

Framed or unframed, a mirror can quickly become the focal point of the room. Even the simplest designs are known to add an aura of elegance to your home.

Mirror Room Dividers

Mirrors for Small Spaces Mirror room dividers are great mirrors for small spaces. They offer you a dual-functioning option when you need a mirror and room divider but don't have room for both.

It matters little if you place them for simple aesthetic reasons or because you wish to add an area of privacy. A mirror room divider will give the illusion of the smallest of spaces seemingly larger.

Sunlight passing in through a nearby window will spread light as efficiently as if you had an extra window added to the room.

You will be awed by the rainbow of light that bounces off a prism. If it is your intent to invest money in a room divider, make it a mirrored one that will add so much style and class to your dwelling and save you space at the same time.

Bookcase Mirrors

Mirrors for Small Spaces Bookcase mirrors are a small home dwellers dream come true. There are a number of uses for this item.

The uses are limitless. On the mirrored you can examine what you're wearing for the day.

Then reverse it and you will be astonished how much room there is for additional storage.

You can slide in bins to hold any number of small things: compile a number of your favorite book, office supplies or secret away an array of forget-me-nots.

And if the bookcase includes a corkboard, allow yourself to be reminded of the many important things you need to accomplish for the day by pinning up reminders. Bookcase mirrors are wonderful mirrors for small spaces due to the vast number of storage solutions made possible.

Mirror Medicine Cabinets

Mirrors for Small Spaces Mirror cabinets, better known as medicine cabinets, are often thought of as bathroom mirrors that are mounted on the wall where you can place items such as prescription medicine, aspirin, band aids or of the like.

However, these cabinets shouldn't be limited to the bathroom. Mirror cabinets are wonderful mirrors for small spaces and their diverse appeal shouldn't be overlooked.

The truth is you can mount them just about anywhere and have them hold a variety of small items besides standard medicines. The trick is to get one that blends in well with your home decor.

If the cabinet is deep enough, they can be hung in the kitchen or dining area and used to hold small items such as spices, salt and pepper.

Consider also using them as entryway mirrors to store candles, small remote controls, keys or a billion other items that tend to get lost and clutter up your home.
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