Ottomans for Small Spaces - Space Saving Living Room

Ottomans make ideal furniture pieces for small apartments because they serve more than one purpose. A multi-purpose ottoman allows you to buy less furniture which frees up more space in a small home.

They can be used as discreet storage compartments, as an extra seat when the couch is full, and as a coffee table where you can place your drinks or books. Ottomans save space because you get the function of two or more furniture pieces rolled into one.

Coffee Table Ottomans

Ottomans for Small Spaces This is the perfect solution if you can't afford space for both a coffee table and an ottoman separately.

Ottomans are also very functional in a living room as an extra seat for guests or as a stool for little kids.

Coffee table ottomans are made with a firm and flat top where you can place drinks, a tray of h'orderves, or coffee table books.

You can also keep magazines inside coffee table ottomans.

Folding Ottomans

Ottomans for Small Spaces Small foldable ottomans are very convenient for tiny homes and apartments. They are practical storage bins for little knick-knacks, files, and small children's toys.

Folding ottomans can also be used as footstools and make-shift cocktail tables.

You can take them out of the closet and unfold them if you need extra stools when entertaining guests, and then put them away again after the party is over.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans for Small Spaces Storage ottomans can be used as seats or tables in any part of your home.

When you remove or flip the top open, you'll find plenty of space to store things.

Bed linens and comforters can also be stored inside storage ottomans in bedrooms.

Ottomans with serving trays can also be useful for placing snacks on top, serving guests or small parties when necessary.

Sleeper Ottomans

Ottomans for Small Spaces Sleeper ottomans are practical for tiny apartments as a small stool that can be converted into a twin bed for overnight guests.

After your house guest leaves, you can simply fold back the bed and turn the ottoman back into a footrest or seat.

Ottomans are affordable storage and seating furniture for small spaces that can be pushed aside in one corner if you want to clear more floor space. You can place them anywhere you need them.

They are functional and decorative, and can be used in any room in your home. Foldable ottomans are perfect multi-purpose pieces for tiny apartments which you can keep in a closet or storeroom when you don't need them.
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