Outdoor Bars for Small Patios, Balconies and Decks

Whether you're entertaining friends or having a small intimate dinner for two, outdoor bars make the perfect spot for exchanging pleasantries.

You may feel there simply isn't enough room for all of your entertainment needs on your small deck or patio. However, through the clever use of space saving furniture made specifically for outdoors, you can make every inch count.

Let's take a peek at various ways you can make your outdoor living go from nonexistent to spacious and fun.

Deck Rail Tables

Outdoor Bars for Small Spaces Today's high rise apartments and condo's leave little room for enjoying the sun and fresh air. Your access to the great outdoors may not exceed more than a six foot by ten foot terrace or patio. Having a terrace, patio, or deck railing is one answer to the problem.

More often referred to as outdoor bars, these deck rail tables are there when you need them and they can disappear when you don't. Made to fit over any size railing, they can be permanently attached or left freestanding for easy removal and storage. What makes them so unique is that they fold down or up when not in use, giving you use of whatever floor space you have.

If you wish to retain floor space, simply fit the unit to the outside of the railing. It is the perfect spot to place drinks while guests have the opportunity to mix and mingle. In fact, the smaller the space, the more you will find deck rail tables the most adaptable.

Outdoor Folding Bars

Outdoor Bars for Small Spaces Complement your space using outdoor bars that hide away in minutes until guests arrive. When not in use these units reserve additional space on your patio or deck.

Yet when the party begins, outdoor folding bars can open up to a fully functional size that will hold glasses and an array of drink choices.

Make additional use of your folding bar by storing condiments when needed. Outdoor folding bars can be used both indoors and outdoors, which can make it conveniently versatile for your small space.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Bars

Outdoor Bars for Small Spaces Don't let lack of storage space stop you from being a gracious host. Wall-mounted outdoor bars are the answer when floor space is really limited.

These units attach to an exterior wall, leaving extra space open and available for guests.

When closed, they take up minimal amount of room. But don't be fooled into thinking that these units are incapable of holding a good number of assorted glasses and the bottles of spirits.

Some wall-mounted outdoor bars come with drop-down fronts, which offer an additional amount of serving space.

Outdoor Serving Carts

Outdoor Bars for Small Spaces When all else fails with other outdoor bars, it may be the serving cart that will suit your needs.

These units are mobile and can be easily rolled from one destination to another.

They offer plenty of surface room but when more is needed, many of these units provide additional slide-out shelving for storing other items.

Many of these carts also fold up and make storing them a cinch.
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