Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces

Just about any tall or mid-height bookcase can serve as a room divider.

Rather than just choose one, you may decide to choose a group of two or more to section off the room, depending on your needs.

Regardless of how many bookcases you choose, you can choose to break up space with class, style and finesse. There are a plethora of options available on the marketplace.

I've just decided to list a few for you to consider, but don't be afraid to go beyond these suggestions and if you do, remember you can decide which bookcase can serve as a divider, it doesn't have to be necessarily titled as a bookcase room divider for it to be used as one.

Modern Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces A mid-sized contemporary room divider bookcase that will add class and style to your modern home is just what you need.

This little gem provides ample open shelving and keeps space open in a room with its high legs which creates plenty of transparency when you section off space.

However, remember this bookcase divider isn't exceptionally tall, but it's not too short either. It's best if your main goal is to find a bookcase that will help you maintain an open concept design in your home.

Tall Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces A taller contemporary bookcase is a great alternative in modern homes if the shorter options above was... well, too short.

A home that thrives on serious, darker colors will find this bookcase befitting. Store plenty of books alongside eye-catching accent pieces on the cubby shelving.

Section off space and use this room divider bookcase as a focal point in your home. Add a few silk or real plants to infuse color to really drive the eye to this gigantic beauty.

Cube Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces If shelf-symmetry is important to you, then say hello to this cube room divider bookcase. Like all of the other options, it blends in perfectly in modern homes due to its contemporary style.

White creates brightness in a home and makes it feel light and airy, but if adding color in your room is of the utmost importance, bold, deep, or vibrant colors can be created with a variety of accent pieces.

Consider adding any books you might have that have beautiful artwork on the covers, decorative pictures frames that encase family photos, plants that will infuse deep rich greens, interesting bookends, decorative potpourri holders and more. Once you're done it will be a feast for the senses.

Open Shelf Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces When you want the accents on a room divider bookcase to be noticed just as much, if not more than the bookcase itself, you can choose an open shelving room divider bookcase to meet your needs.

You won't have any trouble with keeping space open in whatever room you put this bookcase in.

Height represents the same benefits as it's not extremely tall, but not too short either. You'll find the height of the bookcase to be a little shorter than the height of an average woman.

Very little privacy can be obtained with this bookcase, so if privacy is key then this divider will not be what you're looking for. However, if partitioning off a room while keeping space open as much as possible is your primary goal, then this is a wonderful choice.

Metal Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces A metal room divider bookcase that will blend in perfectly in traditional-styled homes and create a lot of conversation is the answer for many small spaces.

Strong, sturdy and about the same height as many of the other bookcases, this divider will really capture some attention.

It offers a rustic style that works wonders in homes or offices that thrive on darker, classier colors.

It houses tall and short books alike and will no doubt be the focal point in your home regardless of whether that's its intended purpose.

Storage Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces A cubby room divider bookcase that offers plenty of storage space will be the saving grace in many small homes. Six adjustable storage drawers built into the bookcase make it a unique find.

Grab all of those clutter-creating items in your home and stash whatever you can in the drawers to create order. More privacy can be obtained with this bookcase than many others, especially if your intended purpose is to stack the bookcase full with books.

This is a fabulous option in small offices in which working in separate rooms isn't a choice and partitioning off space is the only option.

The bookcase offers a homier feel than industrial items and won't be commercial by nature. It also offers plenty of height so the wondering eye won't be able to do too much peaking.

Panel Room Divider Bookcases

Room Divider Bookcases for Small Spaces Blend a conventional room divider with shelving and you've got a panel room divider bookcase.

Privacy is very easy with this option as the room divider does not provide option shelving and doesn't require packing the bookcase full to maintain some discretion.

It's for the simple-minded who enjoy standard choices without complication.

Though this bookcase divider won't house a large supply of books, more shelving space can be created if you plan to purchase more than one. If not, simply pair it up with other bookcase options, such as wall-mounted bookcases or shelving to create the office library that you need.
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