Room Dividers for Studio Apartments

Small room dividers can do a lot for small spaces. The term trompe-l'oeil, which is pronounced tromp-loi, is a term derived from the French.

Its meaning is to fool the eye by the creation of an optical illusion.

When it comes to room dividers nothing could fit this description more accurately.

A room divider is a device that is used to break up an area and convert it into specific uses. These dividers have a particularly useful purpose when one inhabits a small living space.

Curtain Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments Curtain room dividers are perfect for small spaces given the fact that they're cheap and the different style curtains you can use to divide of space is endless.

When you get bored with one style, you can always replace it with another. Mount the rod to the wall or ceiling, hang your curtains on the track and voila, you've got a beautiful hanging curtain divider.

When made up of a heavier fabric they provide instant privacy to the dwellers.

These small room dividers are a must have for those who reside in a wide open studio apartment that offers little privacy. In essence, they are a form of trompe-l'oeil because they represent the illusion of a wall that is not really there.

They are very simple to use and can be kept in place or retracted against the wall when not in use. There are a number of fabrics to choose from allowing the occupants to choose something that goes well with their present decor.

Shoji Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments Possibly the room divider was derived from the Japanese. They were a people that were accustomed to living in very limited space even when the family was large.

With use of the Shoji room divider, they were able to place these dividers wherever they were needed to provide family members the privacy they required at night.

During the day, they could be removed and the living space was large enough for everyone to comfortably traverse the area.

The likes of a studio apartment are similar to the Japanese way of life. Upon entering the space one area seems to run directly into the other, from kitchen, to dining, to sleeping quarters.

The Shoji, or Japanese room divider is one that will give the room definition. They provide the means by which rooms can be made from nothing.

There is no need to invest the expense of building a permanent partition when these small room dividers provide plenty of privacy, and a breathtaking and decorative backdrop to the plain appearance of an unadorned dwelling.

Bookcase Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments Using bookcase room dividers work extremely well within the confines of smaller dwellings. They can add accent and privacy both while supplying the occupant with additional space in which to store books, knickknacks, photos, or any other item that needs a home.

Depending on the accent you wish to create, these bookcases can stand tall or be laid on their side. The compartments will work equally well for placing your objects in both positions.

Some small room dividers come in a variety of cubicle sizes that further add to the illusion of a wall. The eye is drawn in so many different places that the space behind the wall is barely noticed at all. What a great way to bring privacy to an open bedroom area.

An even better idea is to choose one that comes with both shelves and drawers. The drawers can be used for any number of boudoir items freeing up space that would be taken up with a dresser or chest of drawers. All the privacy you could ask for is instantly created.

Picture Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments Picture room dividers can be placed just about anywhere in your home. I would suggest a daytime living area because the frames for photographs give parents and grandparents alike the excuse they want to brag about their children or grandchildren.

If there are very many people in your family it takes no time at all for every surface in your home to become overwhelmed with individual photo frames.

Reduce the clutter and make the space seem larger by placing your favorite photos in a picture room divider.

Try one as a divider between your living room and dining area. No one will be able to resist admiring the room divider that just happens to be a picture album as well.

Mirror Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments If there was ever a way to make the small room seem large, the use of mirrored room dividers has to be it. The reflection of the room the mirror faces will make the room seem instantly twice its size.

These small room dividers can also draw light into an otherwise darkened room because they will transfer the light that comes in through a nearby window. They are a fantastic way to provide privacy or to simply give an area in your home definition.

These decorative gems are the way to accomplish both. Imagine having a full length mirror to examine your ensemble before that special date. They are resplendent with any decor that you presently have, and will adapt easily to any changes you decide to make.

Scenic Room Dividers

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments What is there not to like about scenic room dividers. The word scenic says it all. From the old world Japanese art emblazoned across the divider of rice paper, to the more modern look of a design etched into the glass, they are some of the most beautiful pieces for sale on the market today.

If that is not to your liking there is a plethora of other designs from which to choose. The lady of the house may want a small room divider that is covered with floral patterns.

If you do not really want the divider to separate rooms there are many other uses for them. They can create a dressing room in the bedroom area.

Place one in the corner and it is a splendid way to hide away the children's toys, or keep from sight the many items that have yet to find a home.

So if you still are asking what a room divider can be used for, the reply is it can be just about anything that you wish it to be.

Temporary or permanent the many styles and kinds of room dividers all work to enhance the beauty and appeal of your living quarters.
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