Sewing Machine Tables for Small Spaces

Small sewing workstations will help you decide on useful alternatives to big and bulky workstations.

If you are in the habit or business of sewing but are in constant need of space, then finding the perfect space saving workstation will be of high priority to you.

Several options exist. Some of the options work wonderfully in small spaces due to their ability to conceal clutter while allowing you to store a variety of sewing supplies.

In any case, just because you have a small home, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality and style.

The few options I mention can easily solve your small space problems and offer you generous amount of sewing space in the process.

Sewing Armoires and Cabinets

Sewing Machine Tables for Small Spaces If you have enough space to spare for an armoire or cabinet that lets you pull out a sewing machine to work on, then this will be a good choice for you.

Sewing armoires can provide an immense amount of storage space and sewing space in a limited area, and will usually offer a mess-free look for your room or sewing workstation with all the compartments and niches while seamlessly fitting in with your current decor.

Sewing cabinets are smaller versions of sewing armoires and they are perfect for if you're looking for something similar but an otpion that takes up considerably less space.

However, keep in mind that although these workstations are more advantageous for small spaces, the downside is they often provide less storage space in the process. That means there will be less room for your sewing supplies.

Lastly, if mobility is also key, then many sewing cabinets come with wheels which will allow you to work in one area of your home and store the sewing workstation in another.

Sewing Desks

Sewing Machine Tables for Small Spaces For people who need to rearrange things constantly to fit their lifestyle and small space, the sewing desk will help reduce your problems.

Sewing desks, which are smaller and take up less space than sewing armoires (but not necessarily sewing cabinets) also provide sewing and storage space. But in general, the storage space is significantly less than that of a sewing armoire.

They too fit seamlessly within your decor and will often hide clutter behind closed doors and create a neat and tidy appearance.

Many of these small workstations come with drop leaves and can be reduced in size. Some desks are mobile and come with wheels which make it much easier to transport your small sewing workstation from room to room.

This is especially useful if you like to work in a different area than where you plan to store it.

It's also advantages if you find you like to change things up a bit and work in a different room on any given day.

Sewing Tables

Sewing Machine Tables for Small Spaces If you keep your sewing machine in a makeshift room, then you'll appreciate an expandable sewing machine table. Sewing tables are basic options that mainly provide sewing space only. Storage space is often not included.

These small sewing workstations double in size by providing an additional leaf that swings out when you need it and back in when you're finished.

So you're getting twice the amount of space in half of the area it would generally take to station it. (Just make sure you have enough room to work when you do expand them table to full size.)

Also remember that with any table you get it's a good idea to make certain it's well made since some designs don't provide enough leg support.

This becomes especially apparent if you're a fast sewer--as the table begins to wobble and interfere with your steady work schedule. This translates as wasted money and wasted time.
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