Solutions on Small Baker's Racks for Small Spaces

Small baker's racks have been a functional addition to most kitchens for a long period of time.

They were used most often in older homes where cabinetry was minimal and most items were stored in a pantry.

These racks came in handy when the cook needed to keep some items handy for use on a regular basis.

Now we see them can be used in multiple areas that works to keep more than the chef content.

Wall-Mounted Baker's Racks

Small Bakers Racks If your home has a kitchen that is truly lacking in space wall-mounted baker's rack come in quite handy. It takes up no floor space because the entire unit is wall-mounted.

These small baker's racks are an ideal place where you can hang fresh herbs or spices and have them handy when they are needed for a recipe.

Store a collection of your recipe books and jars that would otherwise quickly be out of place.

Consider also storing a small amount of fresh produce and a towel to wipe your hands when needed. Wall-mounted baker's racks make an attractive and functional addition to any small kitchen space.

Corner Baker's Rack

Small Bakers Racks What you purchased as a corner baker's rack turned out to be a multiple use item.

These small baker's racks are well liked in the kitchen where they can hold a myriad of items.

Place one in the living room and it instantly becomes a mini bar with room for glasses and beverages alike. Set another one in the bathroom and it supplies ample room to display needed toiletries or makeup items.

In the bedroom, this shelving is also useful for holding alarm clocks and a myriad of your favorite books.

In the entryway your corner baker's rack can serve as an ideal spot to keep loose change and the car keys. These space saving units should definitely be called "the any corner and do everything rack."

Baker Rack Towers

Small Bakers Racks When space is limited baker rack towers are exactly what the doctor ordered. We all know that when there's barely any space in a small kitchen, the best place to go is up rather than out and these small baker's racks do it delightfully.

They can hold many precious recipe books with room left over for any kitchen necessities that you choose to place on it.

If you happen to place one in the living room, those recipe books can be replaced with novels.

Give them a home in the bathroom and they will hold a great number of fresh towels and washcloths. The nicest thing about vertical baker's racks is that they can be used in every room of the house and given a practical purpose.

Folding Baker's Racks

Small Bakers Racks Although folding baker's racks are typically purchased for outdoors, there's nothing that says you can use them indoors as well.

Folding baker's racks offer the perfect solution for the extremely small home. Stow these away when not in use and pull them back out for much needed storage space when you need them again. These work wonderfully to help you prepare for a small party that's coming over.

Shelving can provide a home for cookbooks, canister sets, crock pots, and produce baskets. Just imagine finding those small kitchen gadgets, utensils and pots and pans with ease during a dinner party or before guests arrive.

You'll discover it's many uses and that a vast amount of them are outside of the kitchen. Use these small baker's racks as a bookcase and a place to store board games. Stack DVD's and CD's on the shelving, add a nice plant for color and be prepared to receive compliments on your excellent choice. The options are numerous.

Baker's Kitchen Carts

Small Bakers Racks A kitchen cart is most likely the most coveted item that can be placed in a small kitchen. Small kitchens are typically in need of counter space and baker's kitchen carts gives it to you.

Simply roll them to wherever you need them and begin preparing your gourmet meal.

Use the shelving on these racks to hold all the ingredients, while if one happens to come with hooks, it will give you access to things like a whisk or a hand towel to keep soiled fingers wiped clean.

When the food preparation is complete, the small baker's racks can be rolled out of the way and become a great place for storing items that would otherwise be in the way or take up space in a cupboard.

Pots and pans, large bowls, a hand mixer or anything you desire can find a permanent home on you baker's kitchen cart.
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