Solutions on Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces

Small bathrooms which are located in small living spaces should be able to accommodate the many things that are found there.

This will take a bit of planning and ingenuity on the part of the occupant but there are ways to work around any difficulty that may arise.

Let's take a peek at just a few of the things that will givee a lot of additional room in your small space bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Small Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces Tiny bathrooms need a savior and that typically comes in the form of bathroom storage cabinets and shelving.

One or both of these solutions work miracles in a small bathroom. They literally create storage space where there is none.

Mount these miracle workers on a wall, place one over your toilet, position one against the wall or nestle one in a corner.

The variety of sizes available will guarantee that at least one of these options available will work for your small bathroom.

Towel Racks

Towel Racks for Small Bathrooms Towel racks are a must in small bathrooms but they should be the least of your worries. The number of choices available is vast and the difficult part will be making a final decision.

Some can be placed over the door. Others can be screwed into the wall. Still others will be a series of towel bars or rings that swing out from a floor to ceiling.

These are just a few examples of the many styles available that are designed specifically to use up as little space as possible.

Hair Dryer Holders

Hair Dryer Storage Solutions If hair dryers and other hair styling tools are taking over your bathroom, one of the best ways to organize these items is to take advantage of hair dryer storage solutions.

They can mount on the wall, hang over a towel bar and hang over a cabinet door where items are out of sight and out of mind until needed.

Some organizers even expand beyond just organizing your hair dryer by also providing additional space for your curling iron, flat iron and other hair styling tools that would otherwise become a nuisance.

Regardless of whether your bathroom is small, medium-sized or relatively spacious, hair dryer holders will help you tap into unused space that often gets neglected.

Towel Warmers

Small Towel Warmers The towel warmer is the one comfort you can give yourself without spending a lot of money.

They also offer a bit of extra heat to the room itself.

Just imagine wrapping yourself in a heated towel on a cold winter's morn. They also provide a quick way to dry a damp towel, keeping the trace odor of mildew away.

Allow your small bathroom makeover to give you at least one item that will give you comfort of an at-home spa.

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet Paper Holders If toilet roll holders remind you of the roll that is placed next to the toilet, you would be wrong, because here we are looking at places where spare rolls of tissue can be stored.

Some are made similar to the paper towel holder and can sit atop your counter with the difference being you can store a number of rolls rather than just one.

Other are small square cabinets that are tall enough to hold a least four extra rolls. There are options to suit everyone's taste.

Trash Cans

Trash Cans A trash can is a must in small space bathrooms. It doesn't have to be large, because the things it is typically used for do not take up a lot of room inside the can.

Round, square, and painted in many different colors, these trash receptacles were designed to fit in small areas.

Lidded cans lift with a simple press on the foot lever.

From hard plastic to metal, from one piece to two piece units with the wastebasket removable from the holder, they serve the purpose for which they were made.


Space Saving Bathroom Sinks Sinks are available in just about every size imaginable. They can come with storage below in the form of a vanity or sit upon a decorative pedestal.

In some small spaces it is even possible to add a second sink if both are of a diminutive size. Others can be wall mounted and leave the entire space below open for storing other items.

In sizes ranging from 12 to 30 inches, there is a size that will make your bathroom accessible and well appointed.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces Shower stalls are a mainstay of the small bathroom simply due to the fact that they take up so little room compared to even a small bathtub.

They have come a long way since this innovation became part of the home atmosphere. What used to be a cold metal square is now formed out of a hard plastic material that will last for years. It is easy to clean and a treat to use.

The interiors usually have small shelves that you can use for the placement of shampoos, soaps, razors and washcloths. Simply put there is a place for everything and everything goes in its place.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces What used to come as a standard size unit, the toilet for the small bathroom has really been reduced in size.

The tank is half the size it used to be and there are even those that have no tank at all. It often costs more but you can even purchase a toilet that will fit right into an unused corner.

The benefit is more floor space where it is so badly needed and a commode that works as well as the full sized units.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces Bathtubs can be used in a small area but it may be at the cost of foregoing the advantage of stretching out fully into warm sudsy water.

A fill size tub will just take up too much room. If you have a tub but wish you had a shower, one can easily be added to the existing bathtub and you will then have the best of both worlds. You can take a leisurely soak when time allows or a quick shower when time is scant.

Either way a necessary part of the bathroom is fulfilled.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces The etagere is a single piece of furniture that is used in the bathroom and it has long legs for placement over the sink. Depending on the number of shelves that you get with the unit you buy, there is no better place for all the what-me-nots that can quickly overflow in a bathroom setting.

Clean rolled towels and washcloths can take up part of the unit, while the additional space can be used for a wide array of items. Being over the sink, the male will enjoy having their shaving gear on hand.

Another area can be used for toothbrushes and toothpaste. It is really up to you how you wish to organize an etagere, but it goes a long way in keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces Hampers are a welcome addition to the bath but there is no hard or fast rule that says they have to be placed there.

If you are searching for ways to make the bath more spacious, the hamper can be placed just outside the bathroom. Your purchase should be made giving consideration to the amount of air that will reach the clothes that may be damp.

This will definitely keep mildew at bay. Hampers come in plastic, or various styles of woven fibers. They are lined for easy cleaning and the liner can be taken out and washed.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces The bathroom vanity plays an important role in the small bathroom. The vanity is actually the cabinet that will hold the sink in place.

Depending on how it is designed a vanity can provide a lot of storage space.

The shelves are simply cut to allow room for the pipes and the rest of the shelf is all yours. The nicest thing about the vanity is having a place to put those items that you consider to be personal out of the way.

Company that has to use the bathroom will not be greeted with them when they enter.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces The bathroom fan is a must in every bathroom and in the small room it is needed even more. The moisture produced from a hot bath or shower can quickly produce an unwanted amount of mold and mildew on a number of surfaces.

There is nothing these culprits like any more. The use of the fan takes this moisture out of the air before any damage can be done.

The only other option would be having a window that you can keep slightly open allowing the moisture to escape by that route.

This is not a bad idea in warmer climates but in the cold of winter, the fan will win the option hands down.

Shower Caddies

Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces A shower caddy can be one of the most useful items a person can place in their bathroom. Made to slide over the shower spout, the caddie can hold many different items.

Soap, shampoo, and razors are all within easy reach and taking a shower was never easier.

They can be taken down within a few short seconds and cleaning them cannot even be considered a chore. Designs and style vary, so be sure and look over all the units that are available for use.


Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces Shelving can be a great asset to the small bathroom if it is placed in an area that will not take up too much additional space.

The shelves themselves needn't be excessively wide. A shelf that is a mere 6 inches deep will hold the majority of things that can be found in the bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom supplies quantity far outweighs size. Shelves will prove to be the space saver that you are looking for

Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Furniture for Small Spaces It has always been a contradiction of terms to call these items medicine cabinets when the worst thing you can put in them is medicines.

But for things like band-aids, deodorants, toothpastes and tooth brushes, they provide ample room.

They are usually found over the sink, but again this is not a rule that can't be broken.

These cabinets can have lighting and be placed either on the wall or recessed into it. These are all options that are based on personal choice.