Solutions on Bedrooms for Small Spaces

Finding the right solutions for small bedrooms can feel downright impossible. This is the room where most people spend one third of their day, every day of their lives.

Shopping for the necessary items that go into a bedroom can be difficult enough for one person but if the space is to be made comfortable for a couple, the task can feel downright impossible.

Before you head out the door to make your purchases, take precise measurements of the room that will be designated as the bedroom. This will go a long way in helping you to decide which piece will fit best and where.

Purse Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Purse organizers aren't necessarily a common household item, but they're wonderful to have when you're living in small quarters.

Women like their handbags to match their outfits so it is easy to accumulate a good number of them.

They can be a plastic based item with pockets to hold purses of various sizes or they can be hung on the wall or inside the closet.

A simple rack with hooks on it will hold purses quite nicely and save you space at the same time.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces In most cases, if you have a small bedroom and you are fortunate enough to have a small closet.

If not, then you can create your own. In either case there is a way to make that closet hold a myriad of items.

Wardrobes and closet organizers are all the rage and for good reason. When properly installed these units will double the amount of storage space that you have.

In some homes because of the ample storage space that they offer, they can also eliminate the need for a dresser in a small bedroom.

They can be a bit pricey, so if you are renting instead of owning you may want to consider some other storage ideas.

Tie Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Tie organizers can be screwed into the wall or hang from the closet rod.

Small metal bars will swing out to hold numerous ties. If you space is particularly scarce, you can save space with a number of tie rack options.

Choose from hanging options that you can place inside your closet if you don't like the idea of hanging your ties in your small bedroom or any other room in your household. Carousel options are available and wall-mounted choices also work wonders in tiny homes.

Shoe Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Unless you have never tripped over a shoe, you have some idea how essential it is to keep shoes out of the way. There are a number of ways to get shoes off the floor.

Some shoe organizers will hang on the back of a door with pockets to hold your shoes, while ones that have hangers will do the same thing inside of the closet.

You can choose dual-purpose choices that will not only provide seating but will also store your shoes for a complete uniform look.

Scarf Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces If you use scarves as accessories to your clothes, you will know how difficult it can be to keep them neat and tidy.

There are a number of choices that can be used as scarf organizers and there is something to suit the taste of everyone.

There are numerous styles that can be placed just about anywhere and the scarf that you want will be easily accessible.

Belt Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Belt organizers are fashioned very similar to the ones used for ties.

The belts are placed farther apart to accommodate the belts, but most importantly is the space saved and the clutter that is removed from the room.

Hang these in or out of your closet. Wall-mounted versions, carousel options and other choices also exist.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces So you're looking for small space beds? If so, there are several ways you can solve the "bed dilemma." You can opt to save space through layout.

Layout is based on how you arrange the bed in your room. Arrangement will be what actually saves you space, not the bed itself. How you position it will be key.

You can also opt for minimalism which means choosing a bed that doesn't overwhelm a room with bulky features. This will give the illusion of space saved in a room which can be a big help when all other options aren't a possibility.

Convertible options also exist. With convertible beds, you can save actual space in a small room, not just trick the eye into believing there's more room than there actually is.

However, if a convertible option isn't quite right for you, reduction is a suitable alternative. This simply means you can opt for a bed that takes advantage of vertical space (without taking up any additional floor space) and allows more than one person to share a room. Or if you're a DIY fan, you can focus on built-in solutions.

Different types of beds fall under different categories, so understanding which options are most important to you will help you solve this small space dilemma with simple ease.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Dressers are nice pieces but unless your space is a bit larger than some, the dresser can take up precious floor space.

The entire idea of outfitting any small room is to think in terms of "up" rather than in any other direction.

There are small dresser solutions that are made specifically for a small bedroom but storage in them is limited.

So if you have a considerable amount of clothing, you'll need to consider other solutions as well. Thankfully there are other options that are easily overlooked which can help solve your small space dilemma.

These discreet choices will not only help you effectively store clothes in your small bedroom but also save space at the same time. The key is to mix and match methods.

Consider all possibilities, such as wall-mountable solutions to under-bed options. And let's not forget about the ever-useful media chest, which is the birth of the TV stand and dresser combined. There are a variety of choices available but the trick is to think outside of the box. Once you know what's out there, the choice is relatively easy.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Nightstands are an essential piece of furniture even in the small bedroom.

They will hold bedside lamps, telephones, and alarm clocks which almost any boudoir will need.

Unless it is important to do so, you needn't use one on each side of the bed, especially if it is a single bed.

Forego the larger models for ones that are simple in design and take up a minimum of space. You can choose from a variety of choices or get creative when looking for a nightstand or bedside table.

Although your basic nightstand will work you can also use a telephone stand, barstool, end table or even a stack of books as a bedside table.

Make-up Vanities and Stools

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Make-up vanities and stools have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and many women enjoy them as a place to fix their hair and apply their make-up.

There are various options to choose from that will take care of your hair care needs, cosmetics and offer you room to store jewelry, if that's a necessity.

Vanity stools will usually accompany the purchase of a vanity table but sometimes they can be sold as separate pieces. You can opt for a vanity chair which consists of a simple stool with a padded seat or opt for a small delicate chair that has a low back on it.

The nicest thing about these chairs is the fact that when not in use they will slide completely out of the way into the center opening of the vanity table.

Benches and Storage Chests

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces A bench or chest is one item that can provide a number of uses in a small bedroom. Usually placed at the foot of the bed, these are actually made to be storage pieces.

They can be completely covered or be a combination of painted or stained bottom and have a padded top.

There is no better place for keeping extra linens or blankets then in these units. Another great option is a place to store out of season clothing.

The top provides a surface to sit on while prepping for the day ahead. The bench or storage chest can be a welcome addition to your room.

Jewel Organizers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Jewelry organizers are a mainstay for most women. Placing your necklaces in a drawer where they become entangled with one another is not something you will enjoy.

Whether you choose a table-top model, wall-mounted or a floor model for those who have oodles of jewelry, these items do exactly what their name suggests--they organize.

There are hooks for necklaces, small sectioned drawers for earrings, and slot that rings can call home.

The main idea behind these organizers is to keep clutter at bay. Nothing will crowd a room up quicker than clutter.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Just about everyone likes having a mirror in their small bedroom. If your space is too small for a dresser with a mirror attached, get one that can be mounted directly on the wall.

In some ways these are the best choice because they give you a full view of your day's attire and take up no room at all.

A mirror will also and dimension to a room giving it the appearance that it is larger than it actually is.

Room Dividers

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Room dividers are great in open space dwellings. Especially where privacy is wanted, a room divider is worth its weight in gold.

There are a number of ways to make use of them. You can opt to run a track along the ceiling and simply hang a drape to close off the space.

Others may find the bi-fold dividers more to their liking and they can easily be repositioned if you decide to try some room rearranging. A stylish bookcase can also work wonders in this capacity or a room divider that doubles as a mirror.

Blanket Racks

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Blanket racks can be a lifesaver in a small bedroom when you have additional blankets and space is running low. They also provide you with a way to use your blankets as an accent piece in a small bedroom.

Some blanket racks come with up to three dowels over which you can place your blankets.

They are not very wide and therefore use a small amount of room while serving a useful purpose. But if standard blanket racks take up too much valuable space, you can opt for blanket hangers, wall-mounted, over-the-door blanket racks and more.


Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces Headboards are not a necessity but they can add a bit of decor to a small bedroom.

You may opt for one that does nothing more than that accent the room or you can pick out a headboard that has shelves and cubbies in which you can place a myriad of things.

So much is dependent on the rooms dimensions, that only the occupant can make the decision as to which kind they prefer.

Choose from wall decal headboards or a creative option such as a decorative room panel.

Luggage Racks

Small Bedrooms for Small Spaces If you happen to do a lot of traveling in your job, nothing is nicer than the luggage rack.

It is always at the ready when you are called upon to pack and go to another assignment.

If you have a spare room, your company will appreciate a place to put their luggage where it is easily accessible to locate their belongings.

This should provide you with some insight into all the things that can be utilized when you are trying to save space in your small bedroom or small dwelling. Residing in a loft, studio, other small dwelling can prove to be challenging but with the right space and the right approach you can make it work.