Solutions on Small Benches for Bedrooms

Small benches are versatile pieces of furniture that offer you a way to keep or restore order in your small bedroom.

Within the choices available, there are a variety of options to choose from that will save space in your room while providing dual-functionality.

If you are wondering how these small space benches could possibly be of any help, read on and find out the wide range of benches there are for use in the home.

Shoe Benches

Small Benches for Small Spaces Shoe benches are small benches that save space by functioning as a bench and a shoe organizer.

In a small bedroom combining two pieces of furniture into one is a must-have. Cubby space allows you to store a generous amount of shoes and keep clutter at bay in your small bedroom.

Place the bench in a closet, against the wall or at the end of a bed. Provide yourself or guests with extra seating whenever it's needed.

Cubby Benches

Small Benches for Small Spaces If we were to ask for just one use for the cubby bench, I'll bet you could come up with many.

Originally designed as a piece of furniture to hold shoes, these small benches can be used for many different things.

In a small home it can be used in nearly any room you choose. Of course, it can be kept in the entry or bedroom as a place to store footwear.

Save space by storing books, magazines and other items inside the bench. Consider DVDs, CDs, etc.

Just think about it, and you will find that the cubby bench cam be used for a myriad of different things.

Telephone Benches

Small Benches for Small Spaces Somewhat reminiscent of days gone by when our parents and grandparents had a telephone stand, these telephone benches, also known as gossip benches, do have a way of reminding you of those pleasantries.

Telephone benches can provide a space saving option if you need to provide extra seating in a room and you also like the idea of adding a bedside table or nightstand to your room, but you don't have room for both.

Place a lamp, alarm clock on top and utilize storage space by stowing items away which would otherwise clutter your room.

Hope Chests

Small Benches for Small Spaces A hope chest used to be considered part of a dowry when a girl was married. From the time she was old enough to fill the chest with personally made things such as pillowcases, doilies, and needle crafts.

All of these treasured things would work to adorn the home when she married. Although this item has broken away from the tradition of keepsakes, there is any number of uses for them.

Some are so ornately finished; they make an excellent addition to any room. The tops of these small benches can be used to serve hors d'oeuvres, or in a pinch they can suffice for additional seating.

The interior can be used for numerous things. With most of these chests lined with cedar, what better place than this for blanket storage?

It can hold games that the family can enjoy each evening. Photo albums, cherished memoirs, and yes, even that trousseau that you are saving for your special day.

The wonderful thing about it is there are hope chests of various sizes, so if you can't afford the space of a full-size hope chest, you can opt for a medium-sized or cube hope chest instead.

The larger size can easily serve as a coffee table (in front of a daybed or futon) and the smaller sizes can serve as a bedside table or nightstand. The uses for a hope chest are anything you decide it is suited for.

Storage Benches

Small Benches for Small Spaces Storage benches are an extremely versatile piece of furniture. Taking up very little space, they provide extra seats when they are needed.

They are fantastic at the foot of your bed makes getting dressed for the day or removing shoes.

Store items that would otherwise clutter up your room inside the chest. Or consider placing extra blankets or even undergarments inside if you're run out of dresser space.

One of the nicest things about these small benches is that they are available in a number of different sizes to suit the room you have to place one.

Just keep in mind that a storage bench does much more than most people give it credit for.

Ottoman Sleepers

Small Benches for Small Spaces Company is coming and you have very little room to sleep yourself let alone overnight guests. Here is where ottoman sleepers come in.

These small benches allow you to provide seating in your bedroom and store a bed for overnight guests when they come to stay.

When not in use it can be stored in a closet (if the closet is deep enough) or stationed at the end of your bed in order to offer you place to sit while you change clothes, put on your shoes or lounge.

These also work well with daybeds. Simply place one in front of your daybed and use it as a coffee table. Place books and magazines on top as well as snacks when your kicking back to a good movie.
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