Small Curio Cabinets | Dining and Bar Furniture for Small Spaces

Small china cabinets provide the perfect place to display collectibles and memoirs.

If you are currently living in a small home, don't delegate these items to storage because you feel you have no place to show them off.

Small curios are exactly the reason they were designed in the first place.

To give those with little spare room a place to show off their prized possessions.

Wall-Mounted Curios

Small China Cabinets Wall-mounted curios are considered to be the epitome of small china cabinets. These simply gorgeous units have so much going for them.

Wall mounting not only allows the perfect view of the contents, but they take up absolutely no floor space.

There are many types to choose from but the ones with mirrored backs add a whole new dimension to how your items are reflected in a duplicate image.

With both sides and the front having glass inserts wall-mounted curios afford a most welcoming view of all the contents stored within the curio.

Corner Curios

Small China Cabinets Corner curios a type of small china cabinet that would be hard to duplicate. Most often they can be placed in a corner that is nothing but unused and wasted space.

When it comes to living in small quarters no amount of room should be left without a functioning purpose.

Give that space purpose by adding a corner curio to your room's decor. Don't let the shape of these units fool you.

These cabinets are capable of holding a wide variety of items on many shelves. If you have a bit of space left over, one shelf can even serve to hold books. Just let your imagination wander and you will be surprised what you can place inside a small curio cabinet.

Curio Towers

Small China Cabinets China towers are one kind of small china cabinet that gives the consumer a wider choice of styles. The first style would be those that sit directly on the floor.

They can be flush to a wall or fitted into a corner. Most will be backed with mirrors to allow for the reflection of light that adds to the depth of the entire room, which can make open up space and make it feel larger than it really is.

While some are full size units, others will come with a base and an attached upper unit. Another option is the high-legged curio in which it's situated above the floor on tall legs.

For small homes this can be ideal since it opens up space in a room while providing a beautiful place to display your items.

However, both types make it easy to showcase your collectibles. Just turn on the interior light during evening hours and add a glowing ambience to the room.

Curio Cabinets

Small China Cabinets Not all curio cabinets are wall mounted or tall. Some are wider and shorter, much like the look and feel of a sideboard but with much more visual appeal.

With these curios, the width makes up for what you lose in height so the same amount of items can be placed inside.

One feature that the others do not have is the surface of the curio. You can use it in whatever fashion that pleases you.

A few decorative pieces on top will add to the room's decor. Place an attractive bowl on top and you have a handy spot for loose change or keys.

This is just a sampling of what is available in the line of small china cabinets. Only the space you wish to fill will dictate the type and style you will decide on. With so many to choose from, you are sure to be delighted with these wonderful pieces of furniture.
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