Small Desks for Small Spaces

Finding the perfect desk for your small home is important when you don't have much office space and you want to carve out enough room to provide yourself with the type of work-study space that you need.

This may be even more important if you're dealing with a one-room home such as a studio apartment or loft and space is especially tight. Not every home can allow for an office area, so creating your office where you can is based on finding the right desk for your home.

The good news is there are loads of space saving desks on the market.

Multiple types give you many options to choose from. From corner to wall-mounted to rolling computer desks. You'll need to take some time to look through them all and decide which one suits your small space best.

Corner Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Corner desks can save space in your small home if all you can make use of is a corner.

These desks are generally about the same size as standards desks, which makes them very advantageous in making use of space that otherwise might go wasted.

Corner desks can take the form of many desks, including writing desks, computer stations, armoires, secretary desks and more.

Your goal here is just to choose a corner option of the type of desk that you want in order to get the specific features you're looking for.

Compact Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Compact desks are standard desks that save space by simply being somewhat smaller than their larger counterparts.

They work wonderfully in small offices or work-study areas that need a desk that's typically no larger than 35 inches wide.

With a compact desk, if other office space is needed, one of the best ways to utilize your space is to build upward.

Purchase a few shelves and place your printer on a shelf above the desk so that vital surrounding space does not get used and you can take advantage of vertical space that often gets overlooked.

Folding Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Folding desks are perfect for many occasions. They work wonders for you if you're a commuter and you need to take a desk with you wherever you go, so that your office is never left behind.

These desks simply fold up and fold flat and can be easily stowed away in a closet when not in use. They also work wonderfully for small homes that can't afford to provide permanent office space.

You simply pull the desk out whenever you need it, set up office and complete all of your tasks. When you're done, stow the desk away under a bed or in a closet until the next time it's needed.

The wonderful thing about this is if you grow tired of situating yourself in one room, you can move to another room. If you grow tired of working in the living room, simple move yourself to the bedroom and so on.

Computer Armoires

Small Desks for Small Spaces Computer armoires help you create a complete office in one location and do it neatly behind closed doors. Pick and choose over the armoire that best suits you.

Many armoires come with a plethora of features that allow you to station your books, computer, papers, CDs and DVDs in one easy spot.

At the basic level, you can station all of these items with the exception of books. At the premium level, you can include all of the above.

Rare corner options exist, but are expensive and hard to come by. So if your pockets aren't deep and the armoire is small enough, then simply catty-corner your computer armoire.

The goal, in many cases, is to avoid cornering it at a 45 degree angle. A true angle for a large item such as this tends to make it stick out too far from the wall and if space is really tight, that may be a big no-no for you anyway.

So experiment with the different angles available to you to get the angle that provides just the right look and feel without being too much of a space hog.

Computer Cabinets

Small Desks for Small Spaces Computer cabinets are very similar to computer armoires. The main difference between the two is that a cabinet is about half the height and/or width of a computer armoire.

Although there are exceptions, many office supplies can be hidden away from prying eyes, but the items on top of the desk are oftentimes able to be seen.

When this is the case, some computer cabinets can be converted into office armoires if you later opt to purchase the hutch that goes with them.

They work well if you're looking for a cross between computer armoires and standard computer desks.

Computer Towers and Stations

Small Desks for Small Spaces Since computer towers can create space vertically, like computer armoires, you can pretty much get a complete office in one.

Shelving and storage space allows you to station, most, if not all of your office supplies as well as your computer. These desks can take form as corner options as well as standard desks.

Unlike computer armoires, the downside comes into play when you realize that everything is visible to the naked eye.

This is not a real problem, as many desks function this way. This would only be an issue if you happen to dislike desk options such as these.

Secretary Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces A good deal of secretary desks look very similar to computer armoires if a hutch is included. With a hutch they can offer some of the same benefits.

For instance, the secretary desk allows the user to hide all office supplies and equipment behind closed doors in order to create a clutter-free look and feel.

Although some do not, many come with drop down lids to reveal a computer monitor or laptop. Depending on which secretary desk you get, you may be able to store all office supplies inside of it.

Some are just meant to be used as writing desks and will only store writing supplies and similar tools. So benefits are concurrent with the choice.

Wall-Mounted Computer Workstations

Wall-Mounted Computer Workstations Wall-mounted computer workstations are a lifesaver in a small home or small office in which building vertically and making use of wall space is the only option.

The great thing about wall-mounted workstations is like many other desks, you can create a complete office in one area. Ample shelving is all it takes to get the job done. Once your wall desk is up, you can begin to store your books, your printer, computer, and monitor and even add a few accent pieces to complete the look.

Fold-down wall-mounted desks also exist and are created to mask themselves as decorative wall armoires so when they're not in use they aren't an eye sore. The desk you choose will depend on how vast your needs are.

If you need something simple, a fold-down desk will do. If you need something a little more benefit-oriented, then a wall-mounted desk with plenty of shelving will work wonders.

Writing Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Writing desks are simple, straight forward desks that will take care of your writing needs. They're usually built with clean basic lines, but ironically despite their name, many of them can double as computer desks.

The downside is that many writings desks don't come with a pull-out keyboard tray, so if lifting your arms too high for a long period of time will tire you, then it's either best to seek one out that does come with a keyboard tray or opt for an alternative.

You'll find the ones that do come with a keyboard tray will sometimes mask the tray as a fake drawer.

These types of desks may work best with laptops, so that you if get tired of sitting at the desk, you can move around or to a new area in your home where you can rest your arms for the duration of your work.

Laptop Carts

Small Desks for Small Spaces Roll around your home with a laptop cart and work wherever you like. Since laptop carts are specifically meant for laptops, you'll often find these carts easy to station as they rarely take up a lot of room.

Although many don't, some carts will offer additional features, such as printer or book storage space.

However, you may prefer to buy one that doesn't since the more you add to these carts, the more cluttered they look.

And considering they are mobile, you can easily roll your cart to your printer in whatever room it resides in or set up a wireless option for maximum convenience.

Computer Carts

Small Desks for Small Spaces With a computer cart, your office is wherever you are. If room is tight and you need to store some office supplies in a separate location, a computer cart can make that a simple set-up.

Move your cart to whatever room you feel like working in during the day, and then roll it back to its assigned location when you're through.

Computer carts can store your CPU, printer and a few other supplies.

Although some computer carts can shelve a plethora of items, don't expect too much as these are simple desks more often than not. For something with more features, look to computer towers or stations.

Desks and Hutches

Small Desks for Small Spaces Desks and hutches are a complete office set. Much like computer armoires, with the hutch included these desks build storage space vertically.

They then hide most, if not all office equipment and supplies behind closed doors and create a neat and tidy look and feel. Be prepared to lose out on an entire wall when you station these desks in your home.

However, they're not the only desks that require ample wall space, so if the benefits outweigh the cons, then these desks will do you a world of good.

Consider them the alternative to built-in wall space. Since no built-in space exists in your home, these desks can provide you with the same advantages.

Roll-out Computer Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Expandable roll-out computer desks are a nesting desk option. The unit under the desk rolls or pulls out when the user is ready to get to work.

Typically these desks allow you to use the roll-out unit as your keyboard tray.

When you're done using the desk, push the roll-out unit back in and you're back to a neat and tidy look in your home.

These desks also work well if you like to relax and lean back while you work. They provide enough leg room to make performing computer tasks comfortable for long periods of time.

L-Shaped Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Not always, but many times l-shaped desks are another version of corner desks. However, it's not required that you station them in a corner.

In many cases they may float well in the middle of a room or partially stationed against the wall, which will create a cove for you.

Not the most space saving option but definitely useful for a home in need of considerable work space, especially if you need to create two separate tasks at a desk and need enough room to complete both tasks comfortably. Bouncing from one area to another is easy with an l-shaped desk.

Create as much transparency with these desks as you can by opting for a glass top l-shaped desk. They'll reflect light and keep your small office open.

Leaning Desks

Small Desks for Small Spaces Leaning desks are a great alternative when you're looking for desks that can provide similar advantages to wall-mounted desks but without the need to mount them on your wall.

Leaning desks can be purchased as a set and create a complete office area in one. Place all of your supplies on the shelves and then get ready to work.

Smaller desks provide enough storage space to shelve basic computer equipment and perhaps a few books. Additional shelving may be needed if you have a large supply of books or a wealth of office supplies.
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