Solutions on Small Dressers for Small Spaces

Small dressers. Another phrase that breathes fear and frustration into the life of a small home-goer in need of furnishing and decorating a small bedroom. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you're stuck with a small bedroom and need to find the perfect dresser for your small space it isn't impossible to do.

With a little creativity and knowledge of the options that exist, you can find the right solution for your small space needs.

And we're going to do just that. I've come up with a small, but useful list of options available that will simplify the task at hand.

Lingerie Chests

Dressers for Small Spaces Lingerie chests are the prefect small dressers when space is limited because they utilize vertical space. Most lingerie chests are tall and narrow, which makes them doubly useful for small spaces.

These small dressers fit in tight spaces because they often range between 20-30 inches wide which means you can easily station one in a cramped corner, along a narrow wall and even inside of a closet if it's the right height.

They also provide a decent amount of storage space depending on which one you choose. Some are so narrow that you'll only be able to store light clothing in them, such as undergarments and lingerie and others provide more room, so larger and thicker clothing can be stowed away inside the storage drawers.

Ultimately, ince lingerie chests vary considerably, finding one that fits your needs for specific space and function won't be too difficult.

Lingerie chests or standard chests of drawers can also be placed in your closet if you find you don't have much space left in your bedroom for one. However, be certain to measure both the dresser and your closet to make sure it will fit.

Gentleman's Chests

Dressers for Small Spaces What do you get when you combine a drawer chest with an armoire? A gentleman's chest. Yes, these are perfect if you have a small bedroom and want both a wardrobe and a drawer chest but don't have room to station both in your small space. Knock both out of the picture and get this double-duty item that will give you the best of both worlds. Depending on which chest you get, you can get some with hanging bars for you to hange your clothes and others will simply come with shelving space, which will allow you to fold and store more clothing. However, if you're lucky, you can also delight in one that gives you the choice between either.

Media Chests

Dressers for Small Spaces What do you get when you combine a dresser with a TV stand? You get a media chest. These small dressers can save you a ton of space you can afford the room for both a separate TV stand and dresser.

In may cases you can store your clothes in the drawers and still have room to place your DVD player or DVR in a compartment above the drawers.

Some even allow space for you to store other media related items like your DVDs or CDs.

If you live alone, you can choose a narrow option, but if you're sharing a room with your spouse, you might find it worth your while to choose a media chest with two columns of drawers so you can assign one side "his" and the other side "hers."

Corner Dressers

Dressers for Small Spaces When taking up standard wall space won't do, you can always resort to using a free corner.

Although rare, corner dressers are available if you find that your room is difficult to decorate utilizing typical options.

These small dressers are also practical if you need ample storage space, and yet want to save considerable floor space since you're still given plenty or room to store your clothing.

Since it only takes up a small portion of a corner, you'll find that a relatively large part of your floor space is still available for other pieces furniture.

High-Leg Dressers

Dressers for Small Spaces A standard dresser isn't necessarily a bad option if you have the room for it.

The key to using a dresser is to choose one that keeps space open. That means opting for one with high legs. This can make a considerable difference in a room versus choosing one with low legs or no real legs at all.

Although lower legged furniture has its place and under the right circumstances, can add charm to a room, often low-leg furniture can make a room feel confined and smaller than it really is.

High-leg dressers allow the eyes to flow throughout your bedroom and expunge visual clutter and will aid in keeping your room from looking too cramped which can make all the difference in the world.

Alternative Solutions

If you don't have room for a dresser in your bedroom, there are other ways to include one without actually having one. Consider the following possibilities.

Storage Beds

Dressers for Small Spaces Storage beds are beds that include storage drawers built into the bed. Think of it as a cross between a bed and a dresser. Combine them both together and a storage bed is what you get. If you're limited on space, this is the perfect space saving alternative in a small bedroom.

You simply use the storage drawers as a place to store your clothing. This small dresser alternative keeps you from having to purchase a dresser at all so that you can make use of the floor space you have left for something else.

However, if you find you need more space than what the storage drawers offer and you already planned on putting a nightstand in your room, you can kill two birds with one stone and use a nightstand with storage drawers to store any leftover clothing.

Pairing a storage bed up with a closet system is also a wonderful alternative since a closet system will allow you to store most, if not all of your clothing in your closet and a dresser is often not needed at all.

If you rent an apartment or home and your landlord has no problem with you drilling into the walls, then you may need to take down your current closet shelving (and stow it away until you move so you can put it back up again when you leave) and put up a closet system in its place.