Small Easels for Small Spaces

Small easels aren't optional, they're essential. Many people like to take graphic and visual arts as a college course, personal hobby, or career choice.

And it's a fact that this type of art is very expensive, time consuming, and it can take up a lot of space.

Easels are one of the biggest pieces of furniture required for any visual artist, and can become a problem if you're required to travel to do your work and also if you're on a tight budget and you live in a small home.

The options listed below will help make your easel choice more convenient, affordable, and less regrettable.

Wall-Mounted Easels

Small Easels for Small Spaces The first small easel worth considering is a wall-mounted one.

With just a few screws, you can semi-permanently place this easel in your workroom.

Not only does this save floor space, you will have no problems with animals or small children toppling it over should they stray into the room.

Do place this in an area that has both natural and artificial light to save both on electricity and in time-consuming relocating.

Convertible Hybrid Easels

Small Easels for Small Spaces Another good option for saving space is the convertible hybrid easel.

Not only can they be easily transported or stored in narrow spaces, the hybrids can be turned into a table-top easels when needed.

You can now work on your canvas either in a vertical or horizontal position.

When it's no longer in use, simply reduce it to it's compact form and stow it away in a closet, under a bed or behind a piece of furniture.

Portable Easels

Small Easels for Small Spaces If you do need the extra space and are constantly on the move for your art projects, a good option would be a small portable easel.

You can opt for a small easel that's also outdoor-friendly so that if you have to work outdoors during different types of weather conditions, it won't be a problem.

You can also opt for a small rolling easel that is collapsible and can and can be relocated from one room to another.

This will allow you a change of scenary if you easily get bored working in the same space from day-to-day.

Tabletop Easels

Small Easels for Small Spaces Tabletop easels are also wonderful if you need an easel but lack the floor space to accomodate one.

Simply place one of these small easels on top of a table in any room and start working.

Like portable easels, this option allows you to transport the easel from room to room or take with you on trips when you travel.

Some indoor tabletop easels are meant for indoor use only, so if you need an outdoor easel that can withstand different weather conditions, you may need to buy an additional easel to the one you currently have or purchase a tabletop easel made of weather-resistant wood.

Easel Workstations

Small Easels for Small Spaces If you have enough space to spare for a small cabinet, the easel workstation is an excellent choice.

The easel is attached to the cabinet, which makes it resistant to movement. There are various compartments to store your art materials as well.

The beauty of this product is that the whole workstation can be worked into your room's theme, making it blend perfectly to fit the interior design.

No need to tuck it away, just collapse it and let it be just another piece of furniture.

Art Horse Bench Easels

Small Easels for Small Spaces Bench easels are perfect for people who can't stand up for long periods of time, for the elderly and for those with physical disabilities.

The seats are perfectly leveled with the easels, which can be adjusted to fit the height of the artist's view.

Also, when not in use, bench easels can be folded into a stroller-like kit and stowed away or it can be taken with you.

This makes the bench easel perfect for artists who like to travel but do not want to carry bulky items.
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