Small End Tables - Small Living Room Tips and Solutions

Small end tables are necessary furniture pieces for lampshades, ashtrays, drinks, alarm clocks, watches, keys and small decor pieces.

They can be placed next to your bed or sofa. You can also place end tables between or next to a chair to hold a nice decorative vase or your visitor's drinks.

A living room set would look a bit incomplete without end tables. When you're in bed, you can't help but look for a bedside table to put things like your watch, a glass of water, or an alarm clock.

The trick is finding the right end table for your small space. There are several different types that will do the trick...

Snack Tables

Small End Tables Snack tables can also be used as end tables, to hold cocktail drinks or to eat from while you watch the TV from your couch. These small end tables can be a simple solution for you if you're looking for something basic.

However, snack tables can also be used in addition to standard end tables, rather than as a replacement, especially since they can be stationed permanently in front of your sofa while end tables are placed beside it.

Although the surfaces of these tables are smaller, they work well as an alternative to folding TV trays if your eating needs are miniscule and you only need to hold a small amount of food.

Phone Tables

Small End Tables Phone tables have been around for years and they show no indication of going out of style. Used to handily hold your telephone, they can easily be used for a number of other things.

They're sturdy and have great height for placing them near a piece of furniture. They can be used as a stand to hold a drink, a framed photo, and a few small collectibles. And yes, they will hold the telephone!

You will easily find a place for these units in your small living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Plant Stands

Small End Tables The plant stand is another handy little unit that was made with the small space occupant in mind. It does make for an adorable plant stand to add color to your decor but it doesn't stop there. If you are in a position of never having room for basic end tables, this unit would work very nicely.

They can also hold a small table lamp, a favorite family photo, or even that snack that you enjoy bringing into the living room while watching your favorite program.

Many of them come with lower shelves that add to the sturdiness of the table legs and now you have a place to put magazines or books. Just use your imagination and you will find a myriad of uses for your plant stand.

Chairside Tables

Small End Tables Chairside tables are narrow and slim tables that are traditionally placed between chairs.

But you can have other uses for these space saving tables. If you can't fit in a standard (square) end table next to your sofa, you can use one of these small end tables as an alternative.

However, it's worth mentioning that they may be a few inches taller than a standard end table.

Some chairside tables come with an extendable surface that can be pulled out, which will allow you to place drinks and small snacks on them while you're lounging and watching TV.

Nesting Tables

Small End Tables Nesting tables are fantastic end tables that consist of two or more tables grouped together. These are ideal furniture pieces for small apartments and for people who love to entertain guests.

When you need multiple tables at once, you can use some or all of these tables according to your needs.

The mere fact that nesting tables can be stacked under each other will save you ample space in your small home.

These small end tables work great when several guests come over at once or when you throw a small party. They also double as mini cocktail tables if you're looking for an alternative to the norm.

Armchair Tables

Small End Tables Although technically not an end table, an armchair table may do the trick for you if you're simply looking for a space saving option to place your snacks and drinks on without taking up unnecessary floor space.

These handy devices simply attach to the arm of your sofa or chair. However, be careful with these since the possibility of spilling your food or drink is substantially greater. Take extra care when getting in and out of your chair in order to avoid spilling anything on the floor, or worse, in your sofa or chair.

As an added precaution, it's a good idea to use travel mugs with lids to help avoid unnecessary spills. You can also use storage containers for your snacks and simply place the lids on the containers before you get up.

Pet Crate End Tables

Small End Tables Pet crate end tables save you space via dual-functionality. They combine a crate and end table into one.

You'll find that they work well for pets, such as cats and dogs. Different sizes exist for different sized pets. However, keep in mind that larger pets may render the piece impractical for your small space since the end table will be relatively large and bulky.

Lastly, keep in mind some pets scratch up the interior of crates with their nails (especially when they're first trained), so if you're pet isn't de-clawed or isn't particularly careful, you might see a few cosmetic "cuts and bruises" on the inside of the end table.

Laptop Storage End Tables

Small End Tables Use it in your bedroom as a bedside table, place two in your living room beside your sofa or use it as hidden home office furniture in a studio apartment. These small end tables can double as a storage compartment for knick-knacks, laptops or other items.

Some laptop end tables are equipped with electrical outlets hidden under a top that flips open.

It is referred to as a laptop storage end table because it can either hold a laptop and power it or because it flips open like a laptop to reveal storage space. The storage compartment is discreet and others won't even know you're storing items inside it.
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