Small Entryway Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces

Small entryway furniture is important, because we know that even in large homes, entryways and halls can afford only a limited space.

I's not difficult to imagine then the predicament this puts people in who rent or own only a small apartment, studio, or condo.

Despite the difficulties this may bring up, there are ways of working with the room that you have and utilizing small entryway furniture to your advantage.


Small Entryway Furniture Even when you live alone the entry into your home can become cluttered fairly quickly. Jackets, coats, hats, umbrellas, and assorted shoes are all items that are famous for collecting just inside the door.

Small entryway furniture such as accent and storage benches are two items that can make much of this clutter simply disappear. Some of them have attached poles with hooks for hanging outerwear, and the storage compartment can hold all of the smaller items that you own.

The padded tops provide an excellent spot to sit while changing shoes.

Examining the things that you have and taking a proper measurement will help you decide which type is best suited for your entry or hallway.

Console and Sofa Tables

Tables for Small Hallways Small entryway furnture such as console and sofa tables can be made to work in different capacities. Both of them are taller than the average being almost the height of the back of a sofa.

The console is a bit wider and therefore can hold more items on its top than the sofa table. Either one is a good choice for an entry or a hallway piece depending on their width.

They add to the looks of your space by dressing it up but also serving a useful purpose.

How nice it is to have a place for your house and car keys where they are safe and easily located when it is time to leave. Pocket change can be thrown in a small dish or the drawer that accompanies many of these items.

Shoe Storage

Small Shoe Organizers Even a small family can make for a multiple number of shoes. Even when family members have been instructed to take their shoes off at the door that does not mean there won't be an unattractive pile of them on the floor.

There are a number of styles of shoe racks to get rid of this problem. Some are simply metal grids formed into shelves to allow wet shoes to dry.

Others will contain a number of cubby holes in which shoes can be placed. That hallway table may come with a lower shelf just for the purpose of storing shoes. The messy entry is again as neat as a pin.

Coat Racks

Coat Racks for Small Spaces Reminiscent of day gone by, coat racks and umbrella stands are still very much in style.

During that time umbrellas were used for protection from the sun as much as they were used on rainy days, so it was always necessary to have a place to keep them right next to the entry.

They take up minimal space not being much more than a pole with a small base and an upper circular shelf with cutouts for the umbrellas.

What a treat it is not to have a coat flung over the back of a chair and a wet umbrella dripping all over the floor.

Hall Trees

Small Hall Trees A hall tree affords the occupant a large number of choices. These furniture items can be large or small depending on the amount of room they can be allotted in your entryway.

Hooks made of decorative metal or wooden dowels are ready to hold your coat or jacket. Purchase on with a small top and drawer and you can empty your pockets with ease.

No more searching for lost car keys or finding you cannot get into your home because you have misplaced the key. Drop them off here at night and pick them up again when you leave the next day.