Solutions on Fans for Small Spaces

No problem. It doesn't matter how big or small an area we live in, when the summer heat hits, all anyone wants is relief.

A large home poses very few restrictions on how we choose to cool off, but the smaller home can present a bit more of a challenge.

Here we take a look at how a person can keep their cool when living in small quarters.

Wall-Mounted Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces There are a large number of fans that are suited to the small home. Some may sit on a tabletop, while others will sit directly on the floor.

The most advantageous part of these fans is that they are all designed to use up as little space as possible and still render the occupant a cooling breeze.

Perhaps the best selection would be a fan that is wall-mounted. There are a number of table models that come with wall mounting brackets so absolutely no space is taken up at all in areas you need for other things.

Mounting is simple, quick, and easy and yes, the lady of the house is quite capable of doing it without any help. Don't let the confinement of small quarters put you in a position where heat has to be tolerated rather than dealt with. A wall-mount fan is the perfect solution.

Ceiling Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces Living in a small house, condo, or apartment means one thing--rooms that are small in size. Nothing is more comfortable than the soft flow of air from a ceiling fan, but standard sizes would never do. Don't throw your arms up in despair and figure that all is lost.

It is possible to purchase a ceiling fan with blades that are proportioned for the smaller residence. The new technology has these fans giving as much air as many of the larger models. Not only will they act as a perfect way to keep cool in the summer heat, they can also work to circulate heat that rises to the ceiling during the winter months.

Just one fan that serves two distinct functions: cooling in summer and warming in the winter. This is one investment that can end up saving you money!

Under-Cabinet Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces Well, I have found out one thing for sure. There are people out there that must live in cramped quarters because the ideas just keep popping up in the realm of making life more comfortable. If you live in a small space you will immediately understand what is being said here.

The tables may be small and floor space very limited so where would you possibly find room to put a fan. Well, under the cabinet of course. What an ingenious idea! Simple place the mounting bracket in any place that is desired and you will have an instant cooling breeze that takes up no space at all.

Many can be tilted to direct the air flow to where it is needed while you are working. The kitchen would be a great spot for one, but let's not forget the office cabinetry (or even garage!). While you are working on the computer or completing some other task, it can be done without the misery of feeling over warm. They are whisper quiet and will not interfere with your thought processes.

Decor Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces Let's face it, for all of their practical uses a fan is nothing more than a fan. Oh, they may come in different colors and serve their purpose quite well, but as for looking good, they are what they are. Well, that used to be how it was but not anymore.

Fans in the home can be made to look very attractive and with very little work. If you happen to have a ceiling fan, you no longer have to put up with plain old blades. There are now a number of covers that can be purchased to give the ceiling fan a whole new look. Bamboo and palm leaf are just two of the many styles that are simply placed over the blades for an entire new concept in your design scheme.

Even floor models come with a variety of style choices to make them nearly impossible to see for what they are. There is one to fit the kind of fan that you have, so get yours today and be the first on the block to have such a striking conversation piece.

Floor Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces The pedestal fan is made to adapt in several different ways to serve the purpose that you want it to. Most of them now come with adjustable heights and can be set in the precise location you want it to blow cooling air. A good night's sleep is guaranteed when the unit is lowered to keep air circulating across the bed all night. They are lightweight enough to make them portable from room to room within the home.

Tower fans are also a good option, if you want something slim and discreet to create a good amount of air flow in a room.

Another style of floor fan is a pivotal fan. Although somewhat bulky, it gets the job done well. What makes it so accommodating is its ability to tilt. From the floor it can be tilted to bring refreshing air in an upward direction, while resting on a surface or floor, you can adjust it in any way you please. Whatever you choose will serve you well when the days become hot and humid.

Table-Top Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces Table top fans have gotten so small that some of them can be hand held. That may work okay for the single resident but if there are other family members, they will enjoy some air as well. Still, these table top units have been sized down but the only thing they lost was their bulk.

Their ability to cool remains a top priority and they do the job well. Table tops with remotes can be an excellent addition especially when used in the bedroom. Imagine how nice this feature will be if you happen to awake during the night and feel the need to heighten of lower the amount of air blowing on you. The ultimate in comfort with the minimum of work. Now that's a fan most people will enjoy.

Clip-on Fans

Small Fans for Small Spaces Clip on fans are typically smaller due to the fact that the clip on attachment is only capable of holding so much weight.

Add to that the vibration of the fan blades when in use, and it is easy to understand why clip on fan use is limited in size. Still, this little gem can be used at home or even taken to work with you.

Simply clip it on to the edge of a countertop or a desk and you have a welcome respite from the stagnant air around you.
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