Solutions on Small Headboards for Small Bedrooms

When you're decorating a small room don't forget about small headboards. They're an important piece of furniture, just like any other.

Clearly, you don't have to purchase a headboard for your bed, but if you decide to then you should know about the options that exist.

It is imperative that you select items that will cut down on anything that takes up precious floor space in your room. It may be a matter of only a few inches, but even inches count for a lot in a small bedroom.

Headboard Decals

Small Headboards for Small Spaces If you have neither the room nor the budget for a proper headboard, take a look at the number of decals that are now available. You will be astonished at how simple they are to apply to the wall.

Some of these small headboards may have a sticky back, while others are applied in a wallpaper fashion. You will be surprised how realistic some of these items are to look at. Your headboard can consist of almost anything that you want it to be.

From the infant's room, all the way up to the family adult, there are headboard decals to satisfy the unique style you crave.

You may want to use the flourish of stenciling or place a collage of family photos above your bed. The most satisfying feature of all is that you have a large choice from a number of things from which to choose.

Wall-Mounted Headboards

Small Headboards for Small Spaces Wall-mounted headboards are one of the mainstays of small bedrooms. Rather than being attached to the bed itself, they are hung directly on the wall.

This allows you to push the bed right up against the wall and preserve that coveted floor space for other things.

There are many small headboards for sale in stores and online but if your budget is tight, there's nothing better than making one yourself.

A properly sized piece of plywood and a two by four attached to the back is all you need to create your very own headboard. Covered with heavy-duty batting and the material of your choice, you can relish in the masterpiece that you created.

Bookcase Headboards

Small Headboards for Small Spaces When you live in a small abode every inch of space is used for a purpose. If you decide that you want a headboard in your room, be sure you choose one that performs more then one duty.

Look into the option of a bookcase headboard. This is a great place for putting things that would otherwise take up space elsewhere in your boudoir.

Bookcase headboards are famous for the number of items you can store inside them. You can put reading material in one area and use another for a small light or alarm clock. They can do away with the need for bedside tables, making your bedroom seem more spacious and open.

Decorative Room Dividers

Small Headboards for Small Spaces Room dividers are not only for the purpose of dividing up space. Some are so elaborately designed with floral prints that they make excellent headboards.

That large empty space behind the bed can be transformed into a portrait of beauty simply by opening the screen to its fullest point and allowing the bed to hold it in place.

Many screens are reversible, giving you the option of changing your decor on a whim if you wish to do so. Beauty has never been so easily achieved.
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