Solutions on Home Decorating for Small Spaces

When it comes to adding your style to the residence you occupy, you want that space to be welcoming to you, your family, and friends.

If the home we live in is large there are endless ways that personality can be added but when the space is limited, the same applications may not come as easily.

Here you will find some basic items that can be used to dress up your home.


Small Home Decorating Fireplaces can be a tricky item in the small abode. Scale is of utmost importance here. Unless it happens that a fireplace is built into a wall, it is wise to choose a unit that is scaled down to fit the room in which it is going to be used.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of styles available. They can be installed to burn off natural gas and supply a source of warmth if the electricity should go out during a cold winter's night.

If that is not a concern, there are electric units that provide an additional source of heat when you want it.

Embers will glow and the built in fan will blow warmth throughout the room. Nice to look at and functional at the same time.


Small Home Decorating Mirrors can be the boon that all small home residents require.

When placed where they can catch natural light, it will be reflected back into the room.

Mirrors are also an excellent way to fool the eye and make any room seem as if it is twice the size it really is. Unframed and etched are the best choice in mirrors for the small home.

Decorative Screens

Small Home Decorating If your studio or loft apartment consists of wide open spaces, decorative screens hold the answer to all your decorating problems.

These screens are great when it comes to adding definition to any space. The living area can quickly be separated from the kitchen.

If you do happen to have walls, the same kind of screen can close off an area of any room so that areas used for sewing and crafts can be hidden from view.

Decorative Trunks

Small Home Decorating The number of uses for decorative trunks could fill a small book. A trunk is of course a great place for storing items such as blankets or out of season clothing but that is no reason to keep it hidden away.

While making room for storage keep the trunk out and use it as a coffee table in the living room or place it at the foot of the bed for a place to sit while preparing for the day. Many trunks come with padded tops especially for this purpose.

A domed trunk is one that is particularly coveted because so few of them can be found. If you happen to locate one that has survived years of use, purchase it and put it on display for a furnishing that will always be the topic of conversation.