Solutions on Kitchen Furniture for Small Spaces

The kitchen is probably the most often used room in the house. It is not only for food preparation, but it is where the family meets to have a meal and enjoy each others company.

The small kitchen, especially where two or more people are to gather, can offer challenges that you will not have in the larger home.

Despite the drawback of decreased room, there are ways to set up the small kitchen where the space barriers will not infringe on the comfort of its occupants.

Kitchen Tables

Small Kitchen Furniture

There is no better part of the day then sitting down with the family for supper and discussing the day’s events. No one should be deprived of this time due to the lack of seating arrangements. It may take a bit of forethought but there is a solution to be had.

Family size will play the biggest role in your decision. If it’s only you and your spouse, you may decide on a bistro table. The smallest ones there are can comfortably seat two people. If you have children, the role the kitchen table plays takes on a new meaning.

You may wish to choose from a drop-leaf or butterfly-leaf tables that reduces in size when not in use, but is there when you need it. Other styles are attached directly to the wall and fold up at meal time. And we mustn’t forget the counter bar.

As we delve deeper into what each of these options has to offer, making the best choice for you and your family will be the easiest decision you have ever had to make.

Pot Racks

Small Kitchen Furniture

Pot racks are items that are similar to the bakers rack but they are attached to the wall rather than the ceiling. Some have an additional shelf that is added for the express purpose of holding the covers that go on the pots and pans.

Whether you choose one that fits flat against the wall or one that is in the shape of a semicircle, they both serve the purpose of giving added space to the small kitchen.

Additionally, when lids start taking over your kitchen, pot lid organizers can also help you come to the rescue and keep things in order. So it’s a matter of finding the right organizers for the right needs.

Paper Towel Organizers

Small Kitchen Furniture

Paper towel organizers come in so many different styles there is bound to be one that will find a home in any small kitchen.

They can be mounted under cabinets and inside cabinet doors. Other units will sit on the countertop in an upright position and hold a roll with ease.

Still, others can be screwed to the wall and have extra dowels for placing things like waxed paper and saran wrap. Literally nothing has been left out when it comes to making the use of paper towels quick and easy.

Banana Holders

Small Kitchen Furniture

Banana holders are a unique little invention that requires just a small space and keeps them from spoiling for a much longer period of time.

A small bowl that will hold the bananas along with other varieties of fruit is another option.

Keeping these things handy will make it easy for all family members to grab a healthy snack rather than something that is not good for them.

Popcorn Poppers

Small Kitchen Furniture

Nothing can fill a small kitchen with odors any quicker than hot grease. In order to make popcorn the old way at home, that is what you had to do.

Heat up grease to a temperature that would cause the popcorn to pop. Popcorn poppers use hot air when making popcorn. It is healthier than any other kind of popcorn you can make.

People like them because they are easy to clean and storing them away is not a problem as they require little room.

Can Openers

Small Kitchen Furniture

With can openers, the struggle is to find the right fit for your needs. There’s manual, electric and automatic can openers.

Manual can openers offer the advantages of using a can opener even when the power is out as well as the ability to take it with you when you travel.

Electric can openers work if you like most of the hard work done for you and automatic can openers are a hybrid between both, giving you the same space saving benefits as manual choices but without requiring the physical effort manuals can openers require.

They work well for people with arthritis or someone who has lost the use of their hand. Whatever your needs are, there’s an ideal solution.

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