Solutions on Small Ladders for Small Spaces

Small ladders and stools are most likely one of the greatest inventions known to man.

Tall or short, they have for centuries allowed people to reach heights that otherwise would forever remain out of reach.

It has a practical use in the home as so many items are stored away in areas that are out of reach.

Add to that the number of people that are short in stature and a small ladder or step stool can take on a whole new meaning.


Ladders for Small Spaces Ladders are important for any home no matter how big or small your house is.

Simple maintenance tasks can be made easier and safer because of them, and even daily tasks like managing storage can be a breeze.

If you need one ladder available for different types of projects that will come up over time, a good option is a telescoping ladder.

Many telescoping ladders create multiple working conditions for whatever task you have at hand, whether the job you need done is indoors or outdoors, big or small.

They can convert into various shapes allowing you to change them into 2-person step ladders, stairway step ladders, extension ladders and scaffolds.

This can be an ideal solution for the small home dweller in need of something that can do many things and conserve space at the same time.

Step Ladders

Ladders for Small Spaces Step ladders are made of a number of different materials, but for use in the home nothing can compare to the texture and look of wood.

Bedroom closets and tall kitchen cabinets are once again at your fingertips with the use of a three step stool.

The addition of locking mechanisms adds to the security and stability you have when using these small ladders.

If the time should come you no longer need these small ladder sfor climbing purposes they make the nicest plant stands you could ever want.

These small ladders can also help you hang a picture or change a light bulb. A simple item with many uses.

Step Tables

Ladders for Small Spaces Any product that serves two purposes in the small home is always a welcome addition. If you happen to already live in a small home you will know exactly what I mean.

There simply is not any room for items that are not considered a necessity. With items stored in areas next to the ceiling, a step table is a welcome addition. Keep everyday items near at hand and place seldom used items up and out of the way.

When you need it, simply use the step table to gain access to them in a safe and stable manner. When you have the item you need, just retract the steps and the top of the stool can be used as a small table. Place a small plant on it, clock or even a small accent lamp.

If you have no use for it in that manner you can store it away under the bed or behind the door, for example.

If the occasion arises, you do have the option of using the table top for any purpose you deem necessary. One product with two uses. Just what the small home dweller loves to have on hand.

Ladder Carts

Ladders for Small Spaces If you need a hand truck and a step stool but don't have the space for both, ladder carts are a good alternative.

They convert from step stools to hand trucks, thereby saving you a considerable amount of space.

Move boxes and other miscellaneous items with them and when you're done, fold them up and stow them away in a closet, beneath your bed or behind your sofa.

Or simply hang them in your garage or small workshop.

Whatever the case, these small ladders are versatile enough to help you transport heavy items and compact enough to stow away without any problems when you're not using them.

Step Stools

Ladders for Small Spaces Living in a small apartment does not allow for space to be used up by items that are not needed.

One advantageous necessity is the step stool. It will allow you to extend your reach to places that would otherwise be inaccessible to you and other members of your family.

How delighted a child will be when they are able to reach the sink for a good hand washing with no help from their parents.

If dinner guests are expected, you can easily retrieve the fine china that was stored away in the uppermost cabinet.

If a patio dinner party is in the works, the very same stool can be used outside to hang lanterns and other bits of decorative items.


Step stools made out of redwood are rot resistant which makes them great for indoor and outdoor use. However, you may need to varnish it to prevent discoloration. Although somewhat off topic, this discussion on redwood is helpful and informative.

It may also be a good time to get rid of those low hanging branches that interfere with your patio space. Put away the chair that can result in nasty falls, and opt for the use of a safe and stable stool that works both inside and outside the home.
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