Small laundry hampers are the perfect space saving option for your small laundry room needs.

There are a few solutions out there that will let you do away with your bulky space-hogging laundry baskets and hampers.

Sturdy options that hang, collapse and can be moved from room to room if mobility is what you need. The hardest part for you might be simply trying to figure out which one works for you best. In some cases purchases more than one type may also aid how smoothly things function around your home.

Collapsible Laundry Hampers

Small Laundry Hampers Collapsible laundry hampers are the way to go if you're looking for a simple way to tote your laundry around while taking advantage of a space saving option that will not take up too much room when it's not in use.

Fold it flat and store it almost anywhere--under a bed, in a closet, behind a sofa and so on.

Folding options, which are similar to collapsible options, are also available if you prefer how they open and close over collapsible choices.

Hanging Laundry Hampers

Small Laundry Hampers Hanging laundry hampers can be hung on your doorknob or along the inside of a closet next to your clothes.

Throw dirty clothes in your hanging laundry hamper throughout the week and then on laundry day, pull the bag off the railing and use it to carry your clothes to the laundry mat or to your in-home washing machine.

These small laundry hampers are versatile and work wonders when you need a laundry hamper but feel that a floor model hamper takes up too much space in your small home.

If you live in something larger than a studio, purchase more than one for each room since the easily fit inside a closet or on the back of a door. That way each occupant can toss their laundry in their own hamper. The good news is space will not be an issue.

Rolling Laundry Hampers

Small Laundry Hampers Tote your laundry around easily from room to room, from your car to the laundry mat and up and down stairs with these small laundry hampers.

Built much like the common suitcase that you see rolling around airports, a rolling laundry hamper can help you lug a load of laundry around without too much trouble.

Just pull it by the handle and you're set to go. You can even store items, such as laundry detergent in it along the sides.

Stacking Laundry Baskets

Small Laundry Hampers Stacking laundry hampers provide you with multiple storage opportunities and utilize vertical space.

As implied, hampers stack one on top of the other, allowing you to build them as high or as low as you like.

That makes stacking laundry hampers useful for larger or growing families in need of something that can adjust to their needs as children grow older. Or in some cases, as they welcome a newborn infant into the family.

These can also be used as vertical alternative to laundry sorters. Assign each basket specific laundry and toss it in.

Laundry Basket Sorters and Carriers

Small Laundry Hampers Laundry basket sorters and carriers are a great alternative if you would like to turn your standard laundry basket into a sorter for your dirty or clean laundry.

They slip easily over a laundry basket, providing several compartments which you can assign specific laundry to.

This is ideal so that once you get it to the Laundromat, you can place the appropriate pieces in your washer with no hassle whatsoever.

Combine these with stackable laundry baskets which can be stacked on top of each other to create additional sorting possibilities or use these with legged laundry baskets which reduce the need to bend or crouch when you're getting your laundry in and out of the basket.

Outdoor Laundry Hampers

Small Laundry Hampers Indoor-outdoor laundry hampers work wonderfully in bathrooms, on camping trips and are also suitable for outdoor patios, decks and balconies.

If you're roughing it in the wilderness for a few days and you need the perfect laundry hamper for your camper, indoor-outdoor hampers are ideal due to their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Especially if you need to transport your clothes from indoors to outdoors on any given day or vice versa.

And if they're not being used for laundry, you can also use them as storage bins to carry miscellaneous items in them. So the usage of these small laundry hampers far exceeds their given purpose.
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